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Log Horizon (jap. ログ・ホライズン, Rogu Horaizon) ist eine japanische Romanreihe von (Tokio) entfernten Susukino (Sapporo) gefangen ist, und bittet Shiroe während ihrer Abwesenheit die Gilde zu übernehmen, was Shiroe damit ablehnt. It's almost been a year since this thread was banned so I'm bringing it back as long as things don't get out of hand again. So simply post Anime related. 2/set/ - Hibiya encontrou este Pin. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. - Log Horizon Shiroe and Akatsuki- Google Search. Shiroe, Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Tetora from Log Horizon 2. There are too many good anime this season but nevertheless, this remains my favorite P.

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Zerochan has 52 Shiroe (Log Horizon) anime images, wallpapers, Android/​iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Shiroe (Log Horizon) is a​. Log Horizon Shiroe Cosplay Perücken auf lessthanthree.se, beste Qualität zum besten Preisen für Anime-Fans und Cosplayer! Zerochan has 52 Shiroe (Log Horizon) anime images, wallpapers, Android/​iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Shiroe (Log Horizon) is a​. Summon Servants. Long Kotatsu: A furniture-type item with the magical power to attract indoor gatherings. Meanwhile, a malevolent figure called Read article Nelreth approaches Kyouko of the Brigade of the West Wind in a back alley and murders. Archived from the original on October 25, Meanwhile, the junior party escort the Landers to the next town and learn of a group called the Odyssey Knights that protect the Landers in the Boxurt Mountains from frequent monster attacks. Roe2 has the appearance of a tall woman dressed in a white coat wearing glasses, with rather click to see more curves - source latter made KR and RamMutton https://lessthanthree.se/hd-filme-stream/bikini-model.php her continue reading. However, with Maryelle's help, Shiroe convinces the conference of the People's importance and the dire need to coexist peacefully with. It takes a slap from Henrietta and encouragement from his guildmates to restore him to normal.

With the addition of Demiqas and Tetora to the raiding party, Shiroe and William barely gather enough members for a Full Raid, as many of Silver Sword's members have become demotivated from dying so many times.

Shiroe, who had yet to experience death, is told by William that he would have to die in order to understand the demoralizing effect of death in this world.

The Abyssal Shaft Raid Party goes to the raid zone and defeat the two first raid bosses, despite that Shiroe was worried due to the amount of supplies it would use, although William does not seem to care.

However, when they got in confrontation with Ruseato of Seven Prison two other Raid Bosses come to the aid of the first, resulting in a party wipe.

Shiroe finds himself on Mare Tranquillitatis, and wanders through areas that he remembered from his childhood. He remembered his regrets from childhood, reminiscing on how foolish he was and how he always rejected other peoples' kindness.

They both harden their resolve, and depart by reviving. During this moment Shiroe that he never treated Demiqas with respect, and the two finally agreeing something, they hate each other.

However, he specifically leaves personal property out of the equation so that he wouldn't infringe on anybody else. Upon returning to Akiba, Shiroe is immediately hugged by Akatsuki, who herself had completed her first raid battle.

With the knowledge that the Genius are cutting off the Adventurers' attempts to contact Mare Tranquillitatis, Shiroe organizes the Shibuya Raid Team to retake the city, which has been turned into a raid zone.

However, under heavy pressure from the growing desire to return home, the mounting attacks of the Genius monsters, and the steady changes to this world cause Shiroe to lose his edge.

Unable to think on his feet, he stumbles around and makes mistakes that cause Rieze , a fellow strategist, to begin doubting his reputation.

It takes a slap from Henrietta and encouragement from his guildmates to restore him to normal. Once everything had settled and the communications system restarted he got a surprise connection with Kanami's group, it was there they caught up and learned that she had a child and somehow krusty was there and when asked if she could connect both the real world and this one together.

He promised he would try his best to make that a reality. Shiroe specializes in two builds: Enchanter, and Mana Controller.

Typically, he prioritizes casting attack support magic on his allies first like Keen Edge , then adding offensive magic debuffs on enemies such as Thorn Bind Hostage.

He is a valuable asset in Raids due to his proficiency in the Mana Controller build, which focuses on MP restoration and redistribution.

It is through this build that his "Full Control Encounter" is at its strongest, and his extensive research on this build is likely one of the reasons why he was able to figure out a way to revive Rudy.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Villain vs. Machiavelli 7 messages. I like both i just think that Villian fits better because it seems more like a phrase that people in an MMO would use and machiavelli in glas Munster Bunny.

I think both fit just fine, but I also think that villain probably fits how others think of him while Machiavelli is.

Oh wait you're right, I completely forgot that I dropped the ball there and mistook the translator for Mamare. Also, do you know if It seems that the Mainland version uses the same names even though its translator was changed to someone else from volume 4 onwards.

Categories :. If we give up when facing problems of this level, we should not have expected anything from the start.

Its wisdom illuminates the darkness and is said to aid its bearer's thoughts. Boosts spell force and increases chanting speed. Sacred Robe of the Stars: Made of cloth woven from the tracks of falling stars.

Worn only by magic users. An ultra-rare crafted item that requires Fantasy-class materials. Receives power from the locations of the stars and enhances the force of Astral attack spells.

The Kah of the Millenial Bird: A legendary talisman carved from a fragment that burst from the Sacred Tree Vendelia when a sacred bird was born from it.

It has dominion over indestructible life and reduces the effect of Movement Inhibition status effects. Parka Jacket: A parka jacket made of cotton fabric.

The parka resembles Shiroe's regular everyday wear in the real world. Its somewhat large size gives off a slovenly feel. Rainbow Glass Ink Bottle: A Production-class item, the color of ink within the bottle can be changed.

A limited production rare item by the Painter guild "Atelier Armadillo" in Akiba. This is also her first official cameo in the entire series.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. I understand perfectly! The black stuff being poured here is a sauce, then does that mean the black stuff being poured is soy sauce?

It is a testing item, only available on the test server. Roe2 almost always mix and matches due to her lack of interest in fashion.

Surrounds the owner in the darkness like the night of a new moon, while granting light only the owner can see.

It has a pretty design and is very popular with females, however, it is rare due to its difficulty to obtain.

Handful of Memories:: Appears the be a small bottle containing a small fragment of a crystal at first glance.

The tone heard from the crystal teaches you the meaning of the word "irreplaceable". Retrieved November 15, Archived from the original on November 22, Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on November 30, Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on December 6, Retrieved December 6, Archived from the original on December 14, Retrieved December 14, Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved December 20, Archived from the original on December 27, Retrieved December 27, Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved January 10, Archived from the original on January 18, Retrieved January 18, Archived from the original on January 24, Retrieved January 24, Archived from the original on January 31, Retrieved January 31, Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved February 7, Archived from the original on February 14, Retrieved February 14, Archived from the original on February 21, Retrieved February 21, Archived from the original on February 28, Retrieved February 28, Archived from the original on March 7, Retrieved March 7, Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved March 14, Archived from the original on March 27, Retrieved March 27, Archived from the original on March 21, Retrieved March 21, Archived from the original on July 8, Retrieved July 8, Works by Mamare Touno.

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Add links. Season 2. List of Log Horizon episodes. The city of Akihabara [c] holds a sports festival while the Round Table discuss their dire financial state since the high cost of maintaining the city has all but depleted their funds.

Due to Minami spies having infiltrated Akihabara, Shiroe later partly informs Log Horizon and the Crescent Moon Alliance of his intention to leave the city.

Ten days later, Shiroe, Naotsugu and Regan meet with Kinjou of the Kunie Clan to discuss the terms of a financial agreement.

However as Kinjou declines to assist the Round Table, Shiroe confirms the non-existence of the moneylender class, prompting him to reveal his intention of going straight to the source of the world's gold sealed away deep in the Depths of Palm.

However before leaving, Kinjou presents Shiroe with the challenge of clearing a massive raid blocking the gold source to prove their worth to the Kunie Clan.

Realizing that he cannot risk requesting combat support from the Round Table due to the spies monitoring their movements, Shiroe decides to enlist other acquaintances for help.

Some time in the future, Shiroe and Akatsuki meet on the Moon after having both been killed during their respective missions.

William wastes no time in offering aid to Shiroe but notes the lack of man-power in his guild since many of his guild members retired from large-scale raids due to a phenomenon which occurs after a player dies.

Meanwhile Naotsugu and Regan search around Susukino for other recruits and stumble upon a rather self-centered player named Tetra.

At the same time, Demiquas barges into the Silver Sword guild seeking revenge against Shiroe but after William's threats and Tetra's ramblings, Demiquas stands down and William completes the necessary twenty-four player raiding party with them both.

That evening the combined party of Log Horizon, Silver Sword and Brigandia members set off for the raid, with Shiroe using the opportunity to learn more about their party members.

The following day, Akatsuki continues her mission by Shiroe to guard Lenessia and has a chance encounter with a stranger in Akihabara. Meanwhile the raiding party finally arrives at the gates to the lowest level of the Depths of Palm and Demiquas promises to use the opportunity to crush Shiroe's plans as part of his revenge.

The raiding party proceeds through the gates to the lowest level of the Depths of Palm and find themselves in a raid zone called "The Abyssal Shaft".

After spending three weeks in the raid dungeon, and defeating two bosses, the party hits a major hurdle when they fail to encounter the other bosses in addition to running short on supplies.

During a brief period of rest, William recalls the events which led him and his guild to settle in Susukino, and eventually laments dragging his guild members on large raids.

At the same time, Demiquas' anger towards Shiroe further increases. As Shiroe wastes little time in planning the party's next move, Naotsugu explains to Tetra of the lengths Shiroe would be willing to go to protect his home in Akihabara.

Back in Akihabara, as Christmas draws nearer, the Log Horizon members discuss the new "Teachings" skill which appeared after the Apocalypse.

Meanwhile a malevolent figure threateningly watches over the city of Akihabara. Afterwards, Akatsuki ponders on her lack of strength while Henrietta and Riese notice her discomfort.

The next day, Akatsuki observes other guilds during their training sessions in order to learn the secrets behind the Teachings skill in an attempt to strengthen herself.

The other Log Horizon members also notice her discomfort but she keeps to herself and instead sinks into self pity due to her inadequacies.

Meanwhile, Lenessia explains to Elissa about the persona she had been using to feign composure with the other girls.

Elsewhere, Nyanta meets with Roderic about a special request from Shiroe. The next day, Akatsuki observes a sparring session by the Brigade of the West Wind before being noticed by Sojiro.

That evening, while the girls take Lenessia out, the latter realizes that while she may not be able to understand who the Adventurers are, she does regard them as being special.

Afterwards, Akatsuki leaves the group to ponder on her uselessness to Shiroe. Meanwhile, a malevolent figure called Enheart Nelreth approaches Kyouko of the Brigade of the West Wind in a back alley and murders her.

Enheart Nelreth continues to wreak havoc in Akihabara and throws the city into a state of disquiet. This prompts the remaining Round Table members to impose an evacuation of the lower-levelled players to Zantleaf for their protection.

Akatsuki later scours the city for Nelreth while Sojiro mobilizes his guild in the search. Meanwhile Kinjou meets with Lenessia and takes responsibility for the serial killings, done by a rogue Kunie clan member using stolen Royal Guard armor with capabilities exceeding an Adventurer.

Akatsuki eavesdrops on the conversation and decides to take action after being inspired by Lenessia's strength.

The Brigade of the West Wind later encounters Nelreth and Sojiro rushes to the scene to protect his guild members. Sojiro puts up a fierce duel against Nelreth along with Akatsuki when she makes a sudden appearance.

However after allowing his guild members to flee, Sojiro activates his Teachings skill and tries to pass on some knowledge of it to Akatsuki mid-battle, before Nelreth cuts him down.

At the same time, the raiding party encounters a particularly dangerous boss which kills Shiroe and Naotsugu.

Finally, Akatsuki falls in battle against Nelreth and tearfully misses Shiroe before her body vanishes.

While waiting for Akatsuki to revive with Riese on Christmas Day, Lenessia realizes that she had not truly made an effort to understand the Adventurers around her and resolves to do so.

Meanwhile Akatsuki has a vision of the other world and realizes that she had simply been moving forward with her life without any particular goal in mind.

Afterwards she awakens in a tranquil beach landscape and encounters Shiroe while wandering around. The two share the circumstances which lead to their deaths and both trade fragments of their memories for the chance to revive.

Afterwards Akatsuki revives at the Cathedral and begs Nazuna and Riese to share their Teachings with her to stop the murderer. Meanwhile, Roderic shares new information with his guild about playing as a different gender, the geological expansion of Yamato and the effect that item descriptions have in Elder Tale, concluding that the Apocalypse isn't over.

Back at the Watermaple house, Riese and the other girls decide to aid Akatsuki after helping her realize that going it alone was the wrong call.

Elsewhere, while Krusty and Misa track the goblins at Zantleaf, Misa's weapon suddenly begins acting strangely and traps her in a type of barrier.

However Krusty throws her out of the way only to find himself vaporized in her place.

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Log Horizon - Shiroe and Crusty save the Princess English sub

Two Persons of the Land notice a strange phenomenon over the forest while hunting. Meanwhile, Naotsugu and Akatsuki take Tohya and Minori under their wing for training.

As Shiroe begins experimenting with his scribe sub-class, Maryelle starts craving to visit the beach. This gives Shiroe the idea to hold a summer training camp for new players.

Afterwards, emissaries of Sergiatte arrive in Akihabara and invite the Round Table to a meeting and ball. Having already anticipated this, Shiroe informs Crusty of the opportunity to learn more about the Landers and they set off the next month with Michitaka, Henrietta, Akatsuki and Misa Takayama.

The training camp also set off for Choshi where they end up having fun at the beach. Maryelle and Minori also interact with more Persons of the Land as per Shiroe's suggestion.

As Crusty and Sergiatte begin a discussion, Shiroe notes that both the adventurers and the Landers are wary of the other. Finally, as Princess Lenessia El-Arte Cowen graces the dance with her presence, Naotsugu informs the trainees that they will head into the Forest of Laglanda dungeon for group training the next day.

Sergiatte invites the Round Table representatives to participate in the dance, prompting Crusty to nominate Shiroe, and with help from Henrietta's bard sub-class, they quickly impress the entire ball.

Afterwards, Minori informs Shiroe of their dungeon training and he reminds her of his lessons. The next day, Shiroe explains that the Landers would compete with themselves over dealings with the adventurers in order to obtain their fighting and technological power.

He then proposes that they create rules to protect the Round Table when the People inevitably start approaching their guilds individually and hence has Akatsuki begin reconnaissance as preparation.

Elsewhere, the training camp makes their way to the Forest of Laglanda and split up into groups, however Minori has trouble speaking her mind in a group with Tohya, Rundelhaus Code , Isuzu and Serara.

Eventually the group encounters some monsters and familiarize themselves with their skills. Despite their best attempts however, they are quickly overpowered by the next wave of monsters and make a tactical retreat.

The Round Table representatives soon find themselves invited to various meetings. At the same time, Elissa warns Lenessia to be wary of the adventurers and the latter recalls her meeting with Crusty where he uses her as a convenient shield against scrutiny from the palace folk.

The next day, Lenessia happens upon a sparring session with the palace knights and Crusty craftily manipulates her into accompanying him to the evening party.

Akatsuki also eavesdrops on two palace folk and learns of a group called the Izumo Knights. Afterwards, Crusty explains to Lenessia about the freedom the adventurers enjoy due to their resolve as opposed to her sheltered life.

Elsewhere, the training group fails to seek what they lack and hence make little progress exploring the dungeon.

Meanwhile Maryelle and Shoryu notice a strange phenomenon on the ocean horizon. At the same time, Lord Darte asks Michitaka to share sea faring technology with him.

After Crusty and Lenessia attend the evening party, the former explains his interest in Lenessia by likening her to his real-world sister.

Elsewhere, Shiroe meets with Akatsuki after a meeting and learns of the information she gathered. Just then, they are approached by a magician from Mirror Lake known as Regan.

Being an academic in the study of World-class magic, Regan offers Shiroe and Akatsuki an explanation of the World Fraction spell and its thrice use in the Elder Tales history, with Shiroe correctly deducing the third time being the Apocalypse.

Regan explains that long ago the Human, Elf and Dwarf races destroyed the Alv kingdom out of technological envy.

Seeking revenge, the remaining Alves cast the first World Fraction which resulted in the creation of the endlessly respawning demi-humans which subsequently pushed the planet into a world war.

This caused humanity to create powerful hybrid races to aid in the war, until they were forced to cast the second World Fraction which summoned the adventurers to their aid.

Regan also points out when Shiroe's name appeared in the world's history and he confirms the events using the game's rate of time as it correlates to the other world by taking into account the start of the game's open beta and when he began playing Elder Tales.

Regan then moves on to explain his Spiritual Theory whereby memories in the form of experience points are lost during the revival process—a theory which Shiroe decides to withhold from the Round Table for the time being.

Meanwhile, Minori finally decides to speak her mind to the training group. Minori suggests that their group postpone entering the dungeon until they learn more about their respective skills.

In doing so, they discover that their teamwork lacked cohesion. After Minori explains the basics of party combat, the group enters the dungeon the next day.

Armed with their new knowledge, each person assumes a clearly defined role in the party and they finally overcome the battles they were forced to retreat from previously.

Back at the Palace of Eternal Ice, Shiroe starts documenting all the information he learnt from Regan.

While pondering on what to do next, he receives a call from Minori where she gives him the progress of their training and thrills him with the fact that her group finally realized the importance of teamwork and friendship.

The next day, Crusty continues to meet with Lenessia while Minori, Serara and Isuzu discuss the latter's compatibility with Rundelhaus.

However that night, as Rundelhaus and Isuzu have another exchange, Isuzu discovers that the system strangely prevents her from adding him to her friend list.

The next day, the training camp at the beach come under a sudden attack by a massive army of amphibious monsters.

The camp begins encountering other goblin monsters inland while Nyanta discovers a massive goblin army approaching from the north.

Naotsugu informs Shiroe who organizes an emergency relay conference with the Round Table. Shiroe postulates that the recent attacks are part of a quest known as "Goblin King's Return".

The adventurers then realize that in their neglect of quests from the People to defeat the goblins in favor of their development of Akihabara, they allowed the Goblin King to unite a great army.

At the same time, Lenessia's father leaves to defend the town of Maihama from a goblin invasion. Afterwards, the training group discovers a goblin raiding force marching towards the nearby town of Choshi.

Meanwhile Shiroe summons Sojiro and his guild to the Palace of Eternal Ice to aid in its defense should it come under attack.

Shiroe then informs the Round Table representatives of his hypothesis that an in-game death induces memory loss , which Crusty verifies and reveals that he had already lost some memories of the other world.

Elsewhere, the training group makes their way to Choshi but end up arriving too late. However, Minori realizes that the adventurers do not have to wait for the People to ask for their aid, and instead they should take the fight to the goblins themselves.

Minori manages to convince Naotsugu and Nyanta to let her group begin a surprise attack against the goblin forces.

Meanwhile, the Estal Lords hold their own private conference to discuss Yamato's current predicament and possible battle strategies.

Lenessia eventually overhears this information as well as their intention to use the adventurers. In the meantime, Shiroe prepares specific roles with Crusty and Michitaka for their talks with the Estal Lords until they are finally summoned.

Having predicted that the Lords would try to gather more information from them, Shiroe uses the same tactic, prompting an outburst from Lord Kiliva stating that the adventurers have a responsibility to act.

However, Michitaka violently retorts that they deserve more respect than what the League has shown them.

At this time, Lenessia reluctantly makes a sudden appearance and notes the League's error in negotiating with the adventurers and instead proposes that she go to Akihabara to respectfully recruit volunteers to aid the People.

Afterwards, as Minori's party continue fighting, Shiroe, Akatsuki, Crusty and Lenessia make their way to Akihabara and Shiroe remarks that Lenessia may be the one to change the cities of Estal.

Upon arriving in Akihabara, Lenessia can't help but marvel at the different culture of the city.

Shiroe and Crusty quickly organize a meeting which draws hundreds of adventurers. Wasting no time, Shiroe stirs the crowds with the threat the goblin army poses to Estal.

After presenting the option that the adventurers do not have to act, Shiroe introduces Lenessia who makes a heartfelt plea for adventurers to aid her in defending Estal.

Heeding Lenessia's words, the adventurers rally behind her with Crusty and Shiroe issuing the expedition to defeat the goblins as a quest from the Round Table.

Crusty then takes almost half of the adventurers, along with Lenessia to the Narashino Port while Shiroe heads to the Midraunt Equestrian Park to set up a battle headquarters.

In the meantime, Sergiatte meets with Michitaka and Henrietta to explain the developing rift between the League and the Cowen family thanks to Lenessia's actions and of the power difference between the People and the adventurers.

However they decide to wait for a solution from Shiroe. Elsewhere, as Lenessia ponders on the consequences of her actions, the training group makes a stand against the goblins at Choshi.

Finally, after Crusty and Misa divide the adventurers into raiding parties , Crusty issues them the single order: destroy all goblins.

Upon arriving on the battlefield, Crusty's group engages the goblin army at Kasumi Lake. Meanwhile, at the Midraunt headquarters, Shiroe explains the pivotal role Choshi plays in his plan to contain the goblin advancement.

At the same time, a large army of monsters begin moving towards Choshi and the trainees persuade Maryelle to let them defend the town.

While watching the trainees fight, Naotsugu and Nyanta comment on their battle styles and of Minori's attempt to imitate Shiroe's battle tactics.

As the battle of Choshi wears on, Minori's group takes off to defend other parts of the town while Shiroe informs Maryelle of the arrival of reinforcements in another hour.

With the battle taking a huge toll on them, Minori's group soon finds themselves slowly overpowered against a small group of monsters and she starts losing control of the battle.

However Rundelhaus suddenly charges at the last two dire wolf monsters with his magical gauntlets in a suicide attack.

In the aftermath, the party try in vain to revive him. Already knowing the inevitable though, Isuzu tearfully explains Rundelhaus' nature as a Lander who dies permanently.

Refusing to give up, Minori quickly makes contact with Shiroe. Shiroe immediately leaves for Choshi and using Regan's theories of revival, he has Minori, Serara and Isuzu alternate between restoring Rundelhaus' health and magic to prevent his body from being destroyed.

Meanwhile, Misa and Lenessia update Crusty on the status of the battle and they prepare to intercept the goblin general's forces in Zantleaf.

At the same time, Shiroe arrives at Minori and co. Rundelhaus awakens and accepts his fate but Shiroe sharply rebuffs his resolve.

Using the theory to bend the laws of the world by making things oneself, Shiroe presents Rundelhaus with a contract to join Log Horizon as an adventurer.

Willing to use his abilities for the good of others, Rundelhaus signs the contract and dies as one of the Landers. Elsewhere, Crusty and the other adventurers mercilessly slaughter the goblin general and his forces at Zantleaf while Maryelle's group and the reinforcements repel the monsters invading Choshi.

Afterwards Shiroe explains his definition of an adventurer to Minori. Finally, Rundelhaus awakens at the cathedral to his new status as an adventurer and gets a severe scolding from Isuzu for his recklessness.

A month following the battle at Zantleaf, Estal holds a grand ball for the adventurers in their victory against the goblin general, which Shiroe includes in his plan to eventually defeat the Goblin King.

At the same time, Shiroe learns of an event called the Demon Festival of Suzaku Gate which occurred in the west of Yamato.

While walking the Palace of Eternal Ice, Shiroe listens in surprise to a mysterious woman cryptically telling a group of children the story of how he saved Rundelhaus.

Afterwards Shiroe visits Regan and learns that another adventurer in the district of Minami had also used world-class magic and that the Izumo Knights were involved in the Demon Festival.

Back at the ball, while Crusty and Lenessia dance, the latter recalls a conversation with Sergiatte where he assigns her as the Estal ambassadress to Akihabara in order to repay the adventurers.

Currently, he's one of the few characters seen outside of the game. Shiroe wears round glasses and is described by Naotsugu as having eyes that are "sanpaku," a term that means that the iris is small and doesn't completely cover the vertical axis of the eye.

In Shiroe's original outfit, he wore a brown turtleneck sweater with a harness-like thing [Seriously, what is that? He wore green pants that go from a lighter green on the top to a darker green right above the knees.

Dazaneg's Magic Bag almost always rests on his left side, held in place by a belt. His boots follow a similar color scheme as his pants.

A bracer always sits on his forearm, although whether it provides any sort of purpose is unknown. This outfit is topped off by his signature cloak, which has a collar large enough to comically serve as a basin for water.

Shiroe was a graduate student majoring in engineering when he was trapped in the game Elder Tale.

Naturally a cautious and thoughtful introvert, he has played the game since middle school and is a veteran with a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, which is known for its depth and complexity.

Shiroe remained somewhat of a hikikomori through college, and he notes upon regaining consciousness in Akiba that it's been awhile since he was last outside.

Although Shiroe is socially awkward and tends to be asocial, he does not actually dislike other people. Instead, he is fiercely independent and wary of others who approach him with ulterior motives.

He is not above helping people who are really in need, and he appears to have a soft spot for beginners, such as Touya and Minori.

Shiroe is overly humble, seeing himself as prideful and arrogant and leading him to be self-conscious about enforcing his principles or beliefs on others.

However, even if he knows that others might not appreciate his actions or thank him afterward, if he sees it as the greater good, he will use any means possible to achieve his goals.

In Japanese media, most characters described as "haraguro" appear to be nice but are, in fact, schemers or scoundrels.

Both monikers are the exact opposite of his true personality; see the Trivia section. Shiroe is generally a loner and has reservations about guilds, due to unpleasant experiences with people who sought him out only to exploit his expertise in the game.

He was, however, a member of the informal group of players known as the Debauchery Tea Party and was its unofficial strategist.

Shiroe's main class, the Enchanter , is an unpopular class in Elder Tale. Lacking the firepower most would associate with a magic-user class, the Enchanter is a pure-support class that shines only when supporting the party with its buffs, de-buffs and binds.

As a result, he loves this class for its potential, its complexity, and because the idea of "a class that can't do anything on its own" offered an experience totally opposite from his tendency toward independence and self-reliance.

Due to his expertise in CAD drawing as an engineering student, he chose Scribe as his subclass. After the discovery of cooking without the in-game menu allows a player to produce out-of-the-game products, he started experimenting with his Scribe subclass.

After learning about Spirit Theory from Li Gan , he was confident that if the conditions are met, it could be used to create new magic and laws.

For example, he created a contract between Log Horizon and Rundelhaus Code to keep him alive by converting him into an Adventurer and a member of Log Horizon, allowing him to be reborn at the Cathedral.

As a child, Kei found it difficult to make friends, and oftentimes went to the library rather than hang out with other people.

His parents were rarely home due to work, and he grew up resenting them for that, although he later came to regret the way he had been inconsiderate towards them.

During some point in middle school, Kei had a crush on a girl in his class. However, shortly after the school trip, he was rejected, and constantly muttered "I'm too boring.

At around 15 years old, Kei began playing Elder Tale , as an Enchanter named Shiroe, which is a shortened version of his surname.

Four years prior to the main storyline, he became a member of the Debauchery Tea Party until its disbandment two years later.

He was the capable "bus guide" who was always pushed into making Kanami's wild and unreasonable requests into reality. Shiroe never joined a guild after leaving his first one because of his inferiority complex and his belief that the system was too easily corrupted, and found himself once being used as a tool by a guild.

Although joining the Debauchery Tea Party helped him with play with others, he still found himself distrustful of guilds, preferring to act as a mercenary during raids after the group disbanded.

For example, he helped the Black Sword Knights , gaining the favor of Isaac despite rejecting a request to join the guild.

According to Naotsugu , their first offline meeting entailed a thirty-minute lecture on the difference between black and oolong tea, which then moved on to Taiwanese politics, the EU, and the economy of tea.

The two of them lived an hour's bike ride apart, and were often among the five Tea Party members pulled along to various events by Kanami.

Along with being a member of the Debauchery Tea Party, Shiroe was also well-known among players for his contributions to the Elder Tale community.

He often frequented foreign boards and forums to find out information, and ran a blog or guide called "Shiro Log.

Before the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack was released, Shiroe had been exploring a beginners' area with Minori and Touya using the game's Teacher System to help them practice playing.

When the pack was released, his screen filled with jet black darkness, and when he regained consciousness, he was no longer at his desk but rather appeared to be inside the in-game city of Akiba.

At first, he was unsure whether he was inside of Elder Tale or merely in an unrelated world that happened to resemble the game, but after accidentally triggering the appearance of the in-game menus by raising a hand to touch his chin, he is convinced that he has somehow been transported into the game.

While discussing the increasingly-deteriorating situation in Akiba, Marielle requests Shiroe and his group to take care of their guild while they are away, revealing to them that they have to head out to Susukino to save a member of their guild, Serara , who had gone there for a quest prior to the Catastrophe and was now stuck there with a malicious guild.

She had nearly been enslaved by Brigandia's guild master, Demiqas , but was saved by a kind Felinoid after escaping from Demiqas.

He eventually encounters Akatsuki wandering around and the two share the circumstances which lead to their deaths. Finally, they trade fragments of their memories for the chance to revive once more.

The raiding party revives after their overwhelming defeat on Christmas Eve and after listening to the disheartened words of his comrades, William struggles to raise their morale.

This causes him to shed light on his social ineptitude in the other world and reveals the role Elder Tale had in helping him connect and empathize with like-minded people.

Desperately appealing to his comrades, William mentions how truly happy they were after awakening in the very reality they had dedicated their lives to and uses this as affirmation for not quitting the raid.

However when Demiquas objects to his logic, William exposes his deep regret at turning his back on the Round Table but idolized Shiroe for his perseverance in accomplishing the seemingly impossible raid which resulted in the restoration of Akihabara itself.

Finally, William manages to inspire everyone when he explains that he accepted Shiroe's raiding request because at the heart of being a gamer, it was truly fun.

William's heartfelt words also resonate with Shiroe so much that he wonders if he can also be the kind of guild master that inspires his guild members, and resolves to tell everyone his true purpose.

Finally after a week of preparation, the raiding party moves to face the trio of bosses once more.

The raiding party charges into the boss zone and begins their assault on Luseat. With their teamwork bolstered by accepting who they are , the party manages to break through Luseat's initial mode.

This temporarily immobilizes the boss and while a small group cleans up its Shadow Vanguard, the rest rush through the gates towards the other boss zones.

Per Shiroe's new strategy, the party divides into groups to keep the bosses far enough away from each other to prevent their field attacks from overlapping.

This allows them to better focus their attacks on Ibrahabra and Taltaulgar and gain a significant advantage. However when the Vanguard make a sudden appearance on the battlefield, Demiquas recklessly draws all the Vanguard towards himself, grabs Shiroe and lures them away from the main party further down the dungeon.

After proceeding for a while, Demiquas stops and demands Shiroe to properly acknowledge him. With each finding new-found respect for the other, Shiroe acknowledges Demiquas before the latter throws him towards the Abyssal Shaft's goal and escapes with the Vanguard on his heels.

Finally Shiroe proceeds through the doorway to the source of the world's gold and comes face to face with Kinjou and the raid's final boss—Uru of the Ninth Garden.

A terrified Kinjou faces Shiroe while the raiding party vanquishes Ibrahabra and turns their full attention towards Taltaulgar.

Meanwhile, Kinjou explains the closely guarded secret of how the system distributes gold to monsters. Shiroe then reveals his true goal of requiring funds to acquire all the purchasable land in Yamato, then reassigning their credentials over to the Yamato server itself in an attempt to balance the property market of the world, and in a measure of good faith—forfeits all of the Round Table's land assets.

Afterwards, the raiding party celebrates their accomplishment after becoming the first to clear the Abyssal Shaft and Shiroe informs Akatsuki of his mission's success.

In the aftermath, the party returns to Susukino and Shiroe brings Silver Sword up to speed on all of his experiences thus far and at the same time, feels deep regret for his mistreat of Demiquas.

Afterwards, with Silver Sword opting to remain in and protect Susukino, Shiroe and his friends make their way back to Akihabara.

Elsewhere, the members of Plant Hwyaden discuss the intelligence obtained from their surveillance of Akihabara and of Shiroe's return to the city.

Finally, Shiroe, Naotsugu and newly accepted Log Horizon member, Tetra are warmly welcomed home by their friends. Valentine's Day arrives and the city of Akihabara once again gears up to mark the festivities.

Meanwhile, Shiroe has a surprising reaction when Tetra teases him about his relationship with the former leader of the Debauchery Tea Party—Kanami.

Afterwards Minori eavesdrops on Tetra as she gives Akatsuki useful information about the coconia fruit and its curious effect on a loved one if presented on Valentine's Day.

Elsewhere, Shiroe and Isaac discuss the current state of Akihabara and the latter reports its peaceful nature, with the combat guilds taking shifts to maintain order despite the absence of the Royal Guard due to the city's deactivated magic circle.

At the same time, Roderic and Ichimonjinosuke present Misa with a new prosthetic arm to replace the one she lost at Seventh Fall and they hypothesize that it may be in the same place where Krusty was taken too.

As the day's events continue, Akatsuki and Minori bake a coconia cake for Shiroe. However when he eats the cake and comes under the fruit's influence, the girls find themselves unable to ask him who he prefers.

Elsewhere, Indicus reinforces her control over Nureha with psychological abuse and reminds her of their contract to gain control of the Yamato server.

KR explains that he used a possession spell on a horse to explore the world in the hopes of gathering information after the Apocalypse, and stumbled upon Kanami and her party on the Chinese server.

As they made their way eastwards to Japan, Kanami decides to intercept a horde of monsters heading towards a village much to the reluctance of the assassin Leonardo.

However he eventually decides to aid the others and inspires KR to swap places with his horse and offer support. As Kanami and her other party members—Erius Hackblade and Copellia—engage the monsters, Leonardo and KR show up and separate the two sentient Genius monsters from their dragon.

While Leonardo uses his speed to overwhelm the Lasphere monster, the Paps monster manages to stun Erius with the truth of his nature , however Kanami steps in and falsifies its claim.

Back in the present, KR explains that he doesn't know the outcome of the battle since he died facing the dragon and revived in Minami.

Finally, Plant Hwyaden launches their train to an unknown destination. Tohya , Rundelhaus Code , Serara and Nyanta return to the Log Horizon guild hall one night after watching a performance by Isuzu at a local restaurant and they give her high praise despite her modesty.

Meanwhile, Shiroe and Maryelle discuss sending the junior members on their first independent journey to obtain materials for a special magic bag essential to an adventurer.

Later that night, Tohya and Isuzu discuss the importance of having a talent or sport for oneself. Isuzu also explains that when she discovered a lute instrument in the Crescent Moon Alliance, it renewed her passion for music and helped her cope with their new reality after being rescued from Hamelin.

The next day, the junior party excitedly prepare for their quest while their senior guild members naturally offer their advice and worry.

After stocking up on weapons and item essentials, the entire Log Horizon guild have supper that night and the junior members decide to perform in the villages they pass along the way during their journey.

Shiroe also suggests that they not make contact with the senior members for help as it would be a good opportunity for them to become independent.

After covering all their bases and bidding their friends farewell, the junior party sets off on their journey the next day. While continuing their journey, the junior party takes the East Sea Road per Shiroe's suggestion as the fastest way to get to the Redstone Mountains.

As they approach the next town, the party decides to further push their horse summonings until their time limit runs out, and are eventually left stranded on the roadside, forcing them to make camp.

Meanwhile, Rieze describes her struggle to maintain D. The following day, the junior party arrives at the town of Sazan and Rundelhaus secures them a free performance at a local inn in exchange for an overnight stay.

The next day, Shiroe and Isaac discuss helping the Maihama knights get stronger and also of D. At the same time, Honesty gets an influx of new parasitic members which causes Eins to contemplate drastic measures to ensure his guild's place in the Round Table.

Meanwhile the junior party intercept some Landers being attacked by monsters and step in to help. While initially successful, they are ambushed by a swarm of powerful spirit monsters and vampiric player calling herself Roe 2 saves them in one fell swoop, before collapsing from overexposure to sunlight.

Nureha slips out of the Plant Hwyaden train and goes for a stroll as her Dariella persona. Meanwhile, the junior party escort the Landers to the next town and learn of a group called the Odyssey Knights that protect the Landers in the Boxurt Mountains from frequent monster attacks.

In the next town, the party also learns that Roe 2 had set out on a journey to change her vampire sub-class and she offers to assist them with her own summonings.

Elsewhere, Maryelle struggles to come up with a theme for the Spring event while Shiroe has Nyanta and Akatsuki conduct some surveillance on Maihama.

Meanwhile, the Round Table begins discussing the emerging economic disparity between the citizens. Eins tries to assign blame and propose controversial countermeasures which the Table disagrees with and Shiroe reminds them of the danger to the city should they make decisions without citizen input.

At the same time, the junior party makes their way through the Boxurt Mountains and end up assisting some stranded Landers when they encounter Dariella.

Afterwards they watch as the ominous Odyssey Knights pass through the mountains with their mobile cathedral which Dariella explains helps adventurers revive anywhere, at the cost of losing a piece of themselves in the process.

In the wake of Nureha's disappearance from the train, Loreil begins a frantic search for her. Meanwhile, Izuzu and the others explain to Roe 2 and Dariella of their quest goal.

As their journey continues, the party makes a stop at the Town of Safil and hold a successful concert. After the concert, Isuzu has an exchange with Rundelhaus and talks about her musician father and they also shed some light on the translation errors that the system throws up between the different languages of the Landers and the adventurers.

Rundelhaus also explains that the Landers only have forty-two songs given to them by God and were truly happy to hear Isuzu's music since they are unable to create their own.

He goes on to elaborate upon the endless possibilities the adventurers create for them in Akihabara and causes Isuzu to break down from not heeding the advice of her lyrics.

The next day, Tohya calls Dariella out on her odd personality and Shiroe notes the loss of contact from Nyanta. At the same time, Minori and Serara suspect the Odyssey Knight's mobile cathedral to be interfering with the telepathic network.

Before they can confirm their suspicion though, they notice an incredible swarm of wyvern monsters making their way towards the town.

With the threat of the wyverns bearing down on Safil, Nyanta decides to come out of the shadows and take action. Minori, Tohya and Serara decide to take the battle away from the town, however before they have a chance to do anything, the Odyssey Knights quickly engage the monsters.

The trio then look on in horror as the battle-crazed knights manically charge at the wyverns in a state of disarray with their sole aim to be killed in battle after which they are revived by their mobile cathedral and repeat the process all over again.

Meanwhile, Plant Hywaden activates their nightshade device and sends nightshade monsters into the chaos enveloping Safil.

This prompts the Odyssey field commander to move the battle into the town and when Tohya questions his actions, he explains their theory that dying enough times may allow the adventurers to escape to the other world and chastises him for not doing the same.

Listening to their exchange, Minori comes to the realization that like Tohya, she needs to keep pushing forward asks Roe 2 to aid them for however long that may be, and they enter the fray.

Meanwhile, Nyanta begins a lone assault on the Plant Hwyaden train much to Londark's surprise. Nyanta immediately clashes with Londark and learns that Plant Hywaden intends to trigger the war which Shiroe had once proposed as a possibility.

Nyanta tries his best to reason with Londark and resonates with his understandable hatred towards having no control in his new reality.

However Mizufa Trudy grotesquely silences him and proceeds to clash with an enraged Nyanta.

After learning little more from Mizufa other than her warped world view , the fight eventually forces Nyanta to go for a death blow until Kazuhiko steps in.

Meanwhile, after Tohya saw through her facade, Nureha decides to end the attack on Safil in some whimsical fantasy that she might receive Shiroe's approval.

Back on the train, Nyanta deduces that Kazuhiko may have been somehow corrupted by Plant Hwayden despite being a double agent for the Round Table.

Nyanta then presses his former Tea Party comrade for answers and Kazuhiko responds by throwing him off the train.

As the battle of Safil wages on, the junior party do what they can to help and Isuzu has some self-reflection. Eventually, Isuzu and the others race back to Tohya, and when the Odyssey Knights' world view brings Isuzu to tears, she performs a song to highlight her hope for the world.

Nyanta informs Shiroe of his recent encounter with Kazuhiko and of the wyvern attack on Safil which leaves the town in ruins.

Dariella and Roe 2 then part ways with the junior party and the latter entrusts Minori with a letter for Shiroe. Afterwards, Tohya and the others decide to help the townsfolk with their repairs however Rundelhaus manages to convince them that they should leave the town.

Back in Akihabara, Naotsugu begins to notice the return of the apathy phenomenon which had engulfed the adventurers at the start of the Apocalypse.

Shiroe also begins pondering the factors which may drive the world into a war. Meanwhile, the Brigade of the West Wind encounter a strange Lander with a Genius title, seducing girls around the city.

Back in Safil, Isuzu overhears some Landers voice their disappointment in their expectation of the Odyssey Knights, but feels a sense of fulfillment that she was able to briefly give them a new song.

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Marielle erzählt ihm, dass ein Gildenmitglied, Serara, im vom hiesigen Akiba Tokio entfernten Susukino Sapporo gefangen ist, und bittet Shiroe während ihrer Abwesenheit die Gilde zu übernehmen, was Shiroe damit ablehnt, dass er selbst die Rettungsmission unternehmen wird. Warenkorb 0. Oktober — Kategorien : Light-Novel-Zyklus Literatur Jahr e. Yumi Hara.


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