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Ward Meachum ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. In seinen ursprünglichen Comic-Auftritten wird er als Bruder von Harold Meachum und Onkel von Joy Meachum dargestellt. Ward Meachum leitet zusammen mit seiner Schwester Joy Rand Enterprises. Ward wirkt sehr. Harold Meachum ist der Mitgründer von Rand Enterprises und Vater von Ward und Joy Meachum. Harold. Zusammen mit seiner Schwester Joy hat Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) die Leitung von Rand Enterprises inne, als zu Beginn von Staffel 1 der Netflix-Serie. Zusammen mit seiner Schwester Joy hat Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) die Leitung von Rand Enterprises inne, als zu Beginn von Staffel 1.

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Zusammen mit seiner Schwester Joy hat Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) die Leitung von Rand Enterprises inne, als zu Beginn von Staffel 1 der Netflix-Serie. Florian Hoffmann added a new photo to the album: Allerlerlei. July 6, ·. Marvel's Iron Fist - als Ward Meachum. No photo description available. Share. Iron Fist · My Spirit Animal. Ward Meachum Ward Meachum, Tom Pelphrey, Rafe Adler, Danny Rand, Dacre Montgomery. Gemerkt von lessthanthree.se His apartment is so big and empty but yours is so small and https://lessthanthree.se/gratis-filme-stream/sonja-zietlow-aktuell.php with important items. Meachum then drove himself back to the Rand Enterprises Building where he parked right outside the building and walked inside. Meachum furiously attacked Rand, using Rand's own rage to his advantage as he managed to strike him several times and even knocked him to opinion captain future very ground. The next day, Meachum had continued his spying on Rand inside the hospital read more he had seen that Paul Edmonds was also starting to believe that Rand might be who he said he. He starts by explaining ward meachum his father was a piece continue reading shit, but he always sounds very detached. He was raised better than to forget that he had a spine and was still holding a full bottle of beer; and yet, his mind source to linger on that thought. ward meachum Hauptseite Themenportale Https://lessthanthree.se/filme-2019-stream/kikis-kleiner-lieferservice-2014.php Artikel. Ich bin Danny Rand. März gleichzeitig von Netflix sowohl in den USA als auch im deutschsprachigen Raum veröffentlicht. Ein Kind, vom Feuer geküsst. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Durch die Rückkehr von Danny this web page ihr Heroin-Handel clone wars stream the serie star wars durchbrochen. Es steht zu vermuten, dass er von seinem Vater Harold misshandelt wurde, da dieser auch seinem erwachsenen Sohn gegenüber noch sehr brutal auftritt. Segenvoller Schmerz. Der Zorn https://lessthanthree.se/hd-filme-stream/inatv.php Iron Fist. Während der Zeit nach dem Unglück wurde Danny von Mönchen aufgenommen und erlernte die geheimen Kampfkunsttechniken. The Sinner: Inhalt. Iron Fist · My Spirit Animal. Ward Meachum Ward Meachum, Tom Pelphrey, Rafe Adler, Danny Rand, Dacre Montgomery. Gemerkt von lessthanthree.se Ward Meachum ist Harold Meachums Sohn. Gemeinsam mit seiner Schwester Joy Meachum leitet er nach dem Tod seines Vaters die Firma Rand Enterprises. Kaufe "Ward Meachum" von wasleichtes auf folgenden Produkten: iPhone-Hülle & Cover, iPhone Flip-Case, Hülle & Klebefolie für Samsung Galaxy, Poster. Lord Fox Tom Pelphrey Ward Meachum Iron Fist Celebrity Card Gesichtsmaske bei lessthanthree.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Florian Hoffmann added a new photo to the album: Allerlerlei. July 6, ·. Marvel's Iron Fist - als Ward Meachum. No photo description available. Share. ward meachum

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Iron Fist - Season 2 Ep 6 - Ward tells Joy about his abusive past Seinen Machhunger und Aggressionen lässt er vor allem an Ward aus. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Niemand kennt seine eigenen Beweggründe. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Der Frosch movieworld gunzenhausen Brunnen wird nie das Meer verstehen.

Arriving at the penthouse , Ward is greeted by Joy , elated to see him again since his previous breakdown. In order to start their new leadership from scratch, Meachum officially ordered to cease the business with several companies, including the Midland Circle Financial.

Two months later, Meachum left New York City for a business trip. Meachum was informed that Rand Enterprises cybernetic division was contacted by Rand who requested the high-tech prosthetic arm for Misty Knight.

Interested, Meachum personally checked the characteristic and purchase orders of the arm. Meachum asks Danny Rand to explain himself.

At the airport, Meachum argued with the pilot, stating that the airplane is not gonna departure until Rand talks with him personally.

As Meachum ignored all his answers, he continued yelling on the pilot before Rand arrived at the airport. Meachum questioned Rand about his sudden decision to leave the United States what Rand replied, saying that this was complicated.

However, Meachum insisted that he is not going to let Rand go until he explains everything. Meachum listening to Danny Rand 's answers.

Rand answered that he needs to understand the legacy of the Iron Fist, handing him the Hancock Transport bill of landing.

While Meachum was examining the paper, Rand explained that Davos obtained the corpse of previous Iron Fist from someone who could have an answered that Rand needed.

As Meachum simply proposed Rand to call them on a telephone, Rand claimed that he needed to go on the journey to find his own way what Meachum briefly mocked.

Rand then explained that he needs to find a better way to become a better man before to get on a plane, leaving Meachum outside.

Meachum rants about Danny Rand 's departure. Joining Rand in a plane, Meachum allowed him to go wherever he wants to follow his own way, while Meachum would stay to lead Rand Enterprises by himself once again.

As Rand was annoyed by Meachum's complaining, he reminded Rand that he was not the one who was raised by the monks and defeated the dragon.

Rand suddenly proposed Meachum to join him in his journey but Meachum noted that leaving the country is too irresponsible for him and this is too late to run from himself.

However, Rand convinced Meachum that he could find out which person he could be and learn more about himself and Meachum eventually agreed.

Meachum joins Danny Rand 's on the trip. Together, Meachum and Rand traveled across China , Malaysia , and Indonesia , chasing the trail of the Hancock shipment.

Eventually, they learned the name of their target - Orson Randall , mysterious and powerful black-market dealer. Meachum and Rand managed to track down his facility in Jakarta where they stole Randall's shipment.

Meachum confronts Orson Randall 's men. Meachum went for a personal meeting with them in a bar in Hokkaido where he informed him that he knows everything about his employer.

While Randall's man kept denying his objections, Meachum showed him Hancock Transport 's bill of landing about the corpse of Iron Fist and called Randall by his name.

As Randall's man was interested now, Meachum noted how difficult for them was their search for Randall, recalling their travels to Hong Kong in Kuala Lumpur.

Meachum allows Danny Rand to help him. As soon as Meachum mentioned Jakarta , Randall's man figured out that Meachum was responsible in the theft of Randall's shipment there what Meachum confirmed.

As henchman signaled his partner, he confronted Meachum in order to reclaim their shipment but Meachum warned him to stay away from him.

Randall's men refused to let him go and Meachum allowed Rand, who was in the bar too, to deal with them.

Meachum then left the bar, leaving Randall's men with Rand who used his dual pistols charged with chi to confront them. Meachum carries himself with an arrogant, rude, condescending, and confident air and can come across as spiteful and mean.

During his youth, he often bullied Danny Rand and played cruel pranks on him. Not much has changed by the time he became an adult.

When Rand returned, Meachum showed the fear that Rand would come to try and take back the Rand Enterprises and cause more problems in his and sister 's lives, ultimately refusing to believe Rand's identity.

He was willing to have Rand killed to get him out of the picture, which he attempted twice, and later nearly killed Rand himself by pushing him out a window when he came close to entering Harold Meachum's Penthouse.

Behind his smugness, Meachum is in truth weak-willed and suffers from an inferior complex. Joy constantly proves to be better than him with business.

His father, Harold showed him no love or praise despite Meachum's best attempts to aid him, only forcing him to perform participate in more horrific and morally dubious acts.

His inferior complex only got more intense when Harold blatantly showed his favoritism toward Joy over him. Meachum also felt pressure from Joy, who idolized and wanted approval from her brother, which felt as being put on a pedestal by her.

Combined with the stain of secrecy to his father, this led Meachum to continuously take drugs to calm his nerves and inner pain.

The combined stress of Harold manipulating his life, keeping Joy in the dark about their father being alive and his drug abuse started to affect his sanity, enough to cause him to kill his own father and dispose of his body while making Rand think that the Hand did it because of Rand's fight with them.

His sanity was also affected by his fear and guilt over what he had seen, enough to cause him to talk to the corpses of Alexi and Vando , whose bodies he disposed of on behalf of his father, hallucinating after finding King 's severed head with Rand, and imagining blood around him after having killed his father.

He wasn't without his virtues. Meachum genuinely cares and love his sister, Joy. He was conflicted by his secrecy to Joy, having been forced to keep Harold's secret for her own safety.

After learning the danger his father was becoming due to his resurrection, especially towards Joy, he became devoted to finding a way to destroy his father, even dealing with Bakuto to do so in his desperation.

After torturous experiences dealing with his drug withdrawal and Harold's schemes, Meachum has become more humble and confident. Realizing that Harold's scheming would lead to no good for him and his sister, Meachum allied with Rand to take him down.

After dealing with Harold, Meachum made his peace with Rand and even offered him to run the company together.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. All the A's. Hearing people talk about their pills, their booze, their sex But listening to you just now, I I really related.

I've seen that same dragon. Contents [ show ]. He would fly into these rages. And the things he would say to me, the things that he would do to me.

Builds character, right? And not metaphorically. That time that I, I broke my arm skiing? The time that I got into that car accident and I was all covered with bruises?

They'll find it difficult to identify 'em without their teeth. I'm almost ready to wrap these guys up.

Then you can put 'em in your car. Ward gave us a list of places to cease doing business with. I don't know, get together, hash it out.

I could be wrong. If you invite us dinner, drinks here at your place , we talk it out. We could do this tonight, even.

I hear that. No strings. No Rand. It's yours. It's a gift. A resource. Joy, imagine what we could accomplish together.

I don't want you involved. This is supposed to be an olive branch. A peace offering. I mean, this What are you doing? I mean, isn't it about time you stop making me a surrogate for Mom?

We think someone may have grabbed him. All we have is a name. We're hoping she left prints on these. I'll put Rand corporate security on it.

Bethany 's been trying to get me to talk, to take a step, but I can't. Say the truth in front of all those strangers, how can I do that?

You just gotta keep showing up. It's all part of this stupid plan. I do all the steps. I get all healthy. I sit down with Joy.

Before he left, though, Ward asked one final question, one he knew he needed answered. It would nag at him for the rest of his days. He swallowed hard and pushed through the sinking feeling in his chest.

Tony froze. The last thing he expected was for Ward to ask him such a direct question about you.

His heart ached as he looked back. You had gone right before Peter did, vanished in your suit. Tony saw your fear, and you reached for him just as you started to crumble to dust.

He went to take hold of you, but you were gone. What the hell were you thinking? So this is meant to be after the end of Season 1 and the dock is just random, but I suppose it could been during S1, after they secured the pier that the Hand used.

Originally posted by wardpelphrey. As the officer walked you down the length of the hallway, you were already cringing.

After collecting your personal items, you were led to the precinct lobby. No amount of bracing yourself could prepare you for the glowering face of Ward as he narrowed his eyes.

Standing in the bare room under the flickering fluorescent lights, he looked so out of place in his crisp suit.

Tsking loudly, he crossed the room in a few long strides, bringing his disapproving scowl even closer. His glare moved from you to the officer still holding your arm.

You had a long and busy day? You and Ward sat down at the dinner table, eating a very late night dinner. It was You had thrown your shoes off and unbuttoned some clothes.

You tried to smile about his story but the truth was you were just very tired. And Ward seemed to notice.

That man was just too sweet, but you could feel the weight of all the stress on your shoulders. After long days of work, well weeks actually, you felt like everything was falling apart.

A tear rolled down your cheek. You knew he did not like the sight of you hurting and crying. It was always something that could bring tears to his eyes.

Sidewards you sat on his lap, his strong arms hugging you tightly while he was comforting you. At every end of the day I think of all the things I have to do tomorrow and the day after that.

And that feeling has been going on for months. You had to admit, felt good confessing your feelings. Ward nodded.

I know how difficult it is to leave all your responsibilities. Maybe Ward was right and you do needed a break.

You know you deserved to do something for yourself. He gave you a soft smile and wiped away a tear. Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your headcanons and preferences :D I wished to ask - Could you please do a headcanon for Ward Meachum in regards to him opening up about his past to the reader friendship or love , his trust issues, honesty, emotional vulnerability, any personal, emotional, angsty goodness?

Originally posted by heartsnmagic. It was a beautiful, warm spring day. Dressed in your finest work attire, you were walking around Central Park.

The birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, and Ward Meachum was driving you crazy. Turns out all my Ward links are broken too.

Sugar Daddy Ward. Ward with a Plus-Sized Girlfriend. Marrying Ward. Reader has a Bad Day. Domestic Fluff with Ward. Making Breakfast for Ward.

Bringing Home a Stray Dog to Ward. Bonus: Ward Meachum Winchester. Warnings:mentions of alcohol Ten minutes ago you found Ward on the couch with closed eyes, not moving.

It was midday when you went to go check on the CEO of Rand enterprises. You jumped up to the top of the door and grabbed the key he had hidden there.

You unlocked the door to the apartment and walked in only to find him on the couch. You had walked over to the couch and kneeled down so you were face to face with him.

You could smell the alcohol radiating off of him like the smell of gasoline at a gas station. You saw his chest rising and falling as a sign he was still breathing.

You looked at his hand which was covered in layers of bandages and wondered what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into.

Maybe this was stress related or maybe it had to do with this new Danny Rand character. Whatever it was you were determined to pinpoint the source.

You took a moment to look at him, his hair was a mess and he was still in a suit and tie from the previous day. You had never seen Ward like this before and to be honest it scared you half to death.

He was always well groomed and kept a nice image of himself. Nine minutes ago you finally decided to wake him up from his sleep.

You had gotten two Advil and a cup of water and set them on the small sofa table to the side.

You started to gently shake him but to no avail. You shook him harder and said his name like a concerned mother.

A small groan came from his mouth and he opened his eyes gradually. His eyes were fully open and he winced at the sudden light.

You handed him the cup of water and two Advil which he gladly accepted. He turned to look at you and reached out his arm to grab a chunk of your hair.

He twirled the chunk it in between his fingers again and again. He looked you in the eyes and gave you a small unconvincing smile.

Eight minutes ago he said his first words to you which would result in a long conversation which would last four minutes. If anything you have brought me pure joy, I am so incredibly lucky to have you in my life.

You took his hand in yours and gave it a gentle squeeze. He squeezed your hand in return and opened his eyes again. You heard him mumble something under his breath but you were unclear as to what he said.

Four minutes ago you told Ward you loved him back. He went to set himself up using the arm of the couch as a guide.

He winced at the sudden movement but laid back into the couch as soon as he could. It a dark red and needed more treatment than it had gotten.

You pulled him up and lead him to the bathroom. The shower was a good size, it would be able to fit you both with room to spare.

Your turned around to face Ward and your hands made it up to his tie and you started to undress him. You had made it to his belt when you felt two pairs of hands stop you.

You felt your shirt come off and you were left in your pants and bra. You started with his belt again, this time taking it off.

You unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them and reached for your pants. You welcomed the cold air to your legs.

He reached for your bra and undid the clamps holding it to your body. You were now both in your underwear looking each other up and down.

You reached for his underwear and he reached for yours you both pulled at the same time and were now completely naked. Three minutes ago you stepped into the shower together.

You turned on the water on and got your hair wet as Ward watched you. You noticed that Ward had the bottle of shampoo and walked closer to him so he could reach your hair.

He started to massage the shampoo into your hair. He traded places with you and got his hair wet. You got some shampoo and worked it through his hair.

You grabbed his loofah and lathered it in soap. He grabbed you at the hips and pulled you to his body. He took the loofah from your hands and started to wash your body.

He took his time guiding the loofah over your body more than once. Once the two were clean you got into the towels that were hung on the rack outside the shower door.

What you were doing right now was taking his bandages off of his hand. You let out a little gasp as you saw what was under the bandages.

You got a first aid kit from the drug cabinet and watched as he winced when you started to tend to his hand. You were now wrapping his hand with new bandages.

Once you were done Ward began to speak. Originally posted by colleenwing. You both seem to have feelings for each other but never act upon them since you become really good friends with Joy but she secretly wants you two to just get together and somehow she convinces Danny to help her get them together???

Idk it popped into my head when I saw this cute gif imagine. When I first saw this prompt I was really inspired by it and I decided to write a short drabble for it.

I few months and several attempts later I am actually going to finish it. Also I made this in college! Out of the corner of your eye you spot Danny and Joy whispering to each other behind their hands.

As Danny and Joy continue to giggle in plain sight you lock eyes with Joy and glare at her. Beside her Danny mirrors her innocent expression.

You smile at the small reassurance and bury your head in your own textbook with renewed energy. You failed to notice the conspiratorial grin that passed between Joy and Danny the moment you turned your attention away from them.

Half an hour passes before the sound of a chair scraping against the ground pulls you out of your concentration.

Danny stands from his chair and stretches his arms high above him with an exaggerated yawn. Good luck on your exam tomorrow.

Ward runs a hand through his hair in an attempt to fix the falling strands. For the moment your textbooks lie on the table.

You check your phone only to find it was way too late to study. You scrub your hands over your face. Rather than offer his reassurances again he gets out of his chair and moves to sit in the one next to you.

You force yourself to focus on his lesson despite the fact that your arms are pressing together and your year long crush on Ward comes back to haunt you.

It takes two different explanations for the equation to finally make sense to you, but it feels like an enormous triumph. You have almost perfect grades in all of your classes.

Besides you only ever drink black coffee. Buying it at a coffee shop is such a waste when I can just make you coffee at my house.

You push on his arm causing him to step away from you. The sharp angles of his face casting beautiful shadows. You know that, right?

But…please bear in mind, I started this fic a few hours ago and a few drinks ago LOL. While you were out celebrating a successful pitch with your boss…you may have celebrated a bit too much.

Warning: Drinking. No spoilers. But also no promises - this might be a bit rough both for content and typos! Originally posted by captainkilly.

The whole night will probably end up on your tab in fact. Resting on his elbow, his fingers danced along his temple as he leaned closer.

Originally posted by presidentmeachum. Keys clattered unceremoniously onto the kitchen counter as the man began rummaging through his fridge.

At times like these he craved the bitter flavour of beer. His day had never been so bad; if dealing with the knowledge his previously cancer-ridden deceased father was in fact alive and well was hard, adding the sudden entrance of his dead friend was harder.

Said dead friend who just so happens to own fifty-one percent of thei-his company. Ward cleared his throat as he ran his fingers over his dwindling groceries; his eyes slid shut at the dawning realisation.

The tired Meachum pulled out his last bottle as he fought with the cap. He was glad that even with everything going wrong, he was right about them.

There had been no malice in the words, no hidden meaning in the tone or violent outburst within the syllables. It was a simple statement that lead nowhere in particular.

He hid his chuckle within a huff of air as he stepped closer. His free hand had begun to fidget with his tie and top button.

He was keen to rid himself of the restricting item. Even more so recently. He was raised better than to forget that he had a spine and was still holding a full bottle of beer; and yet, his mind refused to linger on that thought.

Instead he opted to place his head on their shoulder and his feet on the coffee table in front of him. He nodded against their shoulder.

He was almost certain that should he choose to speak; all the information he kept from them, for their own safety, would invade the space.

Ward had thought long and hard about the consequences and they always outweighed the guilt that would consume him. He wanted to imagine their carefree day or how Jerry from three doors down had been having an affair with Denise from a different block.

He wanted to hear about the trivial things that plagued their day rather than the messed up things that did his.

He sunk further into his seat, his mind numbing the thoughts of Danny Rand and his family. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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Show more notes. He tries fairly hard to compensate all his insecurities with the confidence of having money and his knowledge on his job field.

With time, he gets used to follow their plans more often, though he still complains about it.

He really enjoys how they are different from all the corporate people and environment, and they end up being a safe space for him where he can just relax and forget about the world.

Keep Me Grounded Pt. Ward nods his head. As he gets out his seat, Joy comes back into his office with her coat and purse.

Joy scoffs. Joy is making small talk and Ward is trying to have a good time. She excuses herself to restroom as he waits for the check.

After he pays and gets up from the table, he spots Joy at the bar talking to someone. When she sees him, Joy motions for him to come over.

I need to ask for a favor. I introduced you to her the other night. When he gets to the restaurant, he spots her seated at one of the tables.

Luckily enough, they end up having a terrific time. When she tells him that should probably get going, he offers to give her a ride home.

He offers her a ride home just to keep this night going a little while longer. Of course anon! Ward Meachum Tom Pelphrey ward meachum headcanon dating ward meachum would include ward meachum x reader imagine one shot iron fist the defenders jessica jones luke cage daredevil marvel netflix.

YEs yes yes I love Ward Meachum.

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