Die weiГџe massai ganzer film youtube

Die WeiГџe Massai Ganzer Film Youtube

The tensions, the hardships etc, are well caught much thanks to good acting performances. I really miss a lot of information in the movie.

Also there is often a lack of explaining what other people in the tribe thought of her actions. Some cultural differences are quite insufficiently covered, e.

Many of the hardships in the book are also left out in the movie. What is truly great about the movie and the story, is that her failures are not hidden.

Its not a movie about that the native life in Africa is "so hard" for a sane westerner to live. The sacrifices made from both sides are vast, from their cultural positions and values, but still they are not sufficient to bridge the gap in so many issues.

It is a really good movie. I recommend it to anyone. Ignore the other whining comments here. The movie does a good job, if not perfect, fitting the story into a 2 hour movie.

The cultural differences are there to see and think about, even if some things were left out. The White Masai is a very handsome production that showcases excellent cinematography by Martin Langer and some fine performances by Nina Hoss and Katja Flint as two European women trying to cope with life in Kenya.

Carola knows fairly early on that she has gotten into a situation that will call on all her emotional resources if she is to survive.

Nina Hoss conveys her sudden attraction to Lemalian, followed by bruising experiences with female circumcision, a woman called bewitched who gives birth at the side of the road, a crooked "mini-chief" who craftily skims money off the receipts at her store, and other trials.

She seeks help from Pater Bernardo the missionary, very skillfully played by Antonio Prester. The story is engrossing but it is true, as another commenter noted, that you're never in doubt about the next plot turn.

This film should be seen by all those who enjoyed The African Queen and Out of Africa; it has the same romantic appeal as those classics.

She talks to Lemalian and on the next morning, instead of returning to Biel, in Switzerland, Carola decides to leave Stefan and seek out Lemalian.

She travels to Nairobi by bus; then to Maralal, where she befriends the Caucasian Elizabeth Muzungu Katja Flint married with a Kikuyu that explains some important details of the Samburu culture to her; when Lemalian meets her, they walk together to his isolated pastoralist tribe in Barsaloi.

Carola is welcomed by his people and along the years, she sells her shop in Switzerland and marries Lemalian, having a daughter with him.

She also runs a store in the location. However, their differences of cultures force Carola to take an ultimate attitude and return to her country.

The reason is not racial, but how the bourgeois Carola could leave her middle-class lifestyle to live with Lemalian in the middle of nowhere in his tribe of shepherds.

The acting is top-notch as well as the cinematography. However it seems that there are inaccuracies between the title, the character Lemalian and the story between Maasai and Samburu people.

Both are semi-nomadic indigenous that lives in Kenya and Maralal is located within the Samburu District, but they are people totally distinct from each other.

Lemalian speaks English and the Maasai are also educated in this language, supporting the title of the movie. But Lemalian mentions in Nairobi when he goes with Carola to the Immigration Department that he is a Samburu "murran" warrior and he is illiterate, what is a contradiction.

The screenplay writer did not do his homework; he should be more careful while writing about a true event and make a research.

Unfortunately IMDb censorship did not accept my original review and I needed to rewrite removing the references to the Wikipedia that gave a better explanation to this contradiction.

Despite this inconsistency, this movie is engaging and highly recommended. My vote is eight. Although the film takes liberties - the book makes it clear the warrior speaks neither English or German -- the question must be asked: why does a woman fall in love with a man she doesn't even know.

It couldn't have been lust because it was clear he was an appalling lover initially at least. The cultures are so far apart.

This is not just Africa vs Europe but rural Africa vs urban Europe. The film in no way explains how a person, probably educated and surely emancipated, would want to spend her live in the bush with a macho man with nothing but outstanding scenery to compensate.

Living in a shared hut and sharing pools of water to wash. No wildlife, just goats and cattle; seemingly nothing to read, no one with whom to communicate except the odd visit to another woman in the town and a hostile pastor.

It is so far from comprehensible that I viewed the film with increasing incredulity. Yes, the scenery was wonderful but African is so much more.

I don't understand why people gave this film such a high rating. Ah OK, I know it's all about romance. Well, i like movies about love and romance.

But "Die Weisse Massai" is not quite about romance in my opinion. It certainly was intended to be, but what came out is a movie about naivety and ignorance.

So instead of a warm feeling around my heart i had to chuckle to myself all the time and couldn't await until the obvious happens.

A woman from Switzerland comes to Africa for holidays with her boyfriend. They meet an attractive Massai warrior who she falls in love with.

After he helps them out of a dangerous situation and the both spend some time with each other she is determined to stay in Africa, follows him to his village and they merry.

After the romantic start the obvious problems begin. All of them are based on the culture clash. And "she" is a modern woman who tries to fulfill herself.

He realizes that her mentality is different from what he is used to in his area and even allows her to open a shop.

Soon he becomes jealous because from his standpoint it looks like she is flirting with her customers she is looking straight into their eyes and is smiling at them.

He accuses her of cheating several times until she can't stand it any more and leaves him. I am aware that some women might admire her because of her "bravery", leaving home for an adventurous life in the bush with a mysterious stranger.

For me it's just pure ignorance and naivety. In my eyes this relationship could have even worked if her husband wasn't the only one who makes concessions.

There was so much she could have done. Take that driving scene for example where he crashes the car. Why didn't she just try to teach him driving when they were alone, so that he wasn't ashamed of others watching his wife teaching him.

Yes this might have been a very difficult task because of his ego, but hey it's a challenge. Or take the jealousy.

All she had to do is not to smile at her customers. She could have even try to teach him how to run a business.

In the circumcision scene she did as if she never have heard about it before. And what did she expect? That there is a hospital at every corner?

All those small things show how naive err i mean "how much in love" she was when she changed her life.

It makes her character look like another ordinary, ignorant white woman from the west coming to the beautiful beaches of the third world to roast herself in the sun.

This movie might become interesting from another point of view. Excellent movie; just received a standing ovation at its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Good old-fashioned story-telling with the drama of severe to the point of seemingly unsurmountable cultural conflict wrought out by strong acting from the relatively unknown leads.

When Carola, a Swiss woman as pale,willowy and Teutonic as they make them vacationing with her boyfriend Stefan, is smitten at first sight with Lemalian, a Masai warrior, she decides to follow her heart.

As a viewer, one feels part of the scene, drawn into Carola's frame of mind, experiencing her alternate euphoric connection with Lemalian and the strain of coming to terms with a culture, and indeed, even a man, who, despite their love, is unlike what she is accustomed to.

A warning for the squeamish: there are several scenes of traditional Masai customs that, while not brutal, will at least make you cringe and avert.

The film is based on an autobiographical book that was a huge bestseller in Europe. While I haven't read the book and cannot vouch for the film's accuracy, its realistic tone is never in doubt.

There are no saccharine contrivances about the culture gap or simplistic portrayals or any other false notes.

In fact between the taut performances, sweeping cinematography of the Kenyan countryside, keenly observed detail of daily life and the pitch-perfect score, The White Masai almost has an epic feel to it.

Corinne Hofmann's absorbing filmed autobiography is an extremely confronting film and, at least to this viewer, therefore became an uncomfortable couple of hours to watch.

It's a tough story that lies before the viewer full of cultural confrontation, personal confrontation and the burial of some individual long-held believes and values.

All of this drama is carried out with bare-knuckle subtlety in many cases and also with just as much beauty and softness in often back to back scenes.

Anyone watching this wonderfully engaging film will be batted from one extreme to another-hence my use of the words "difficult" and "confronting".

It's a fabulous film to mentally play with after leaving the theater; there are so many aspects that must be filed away, in comfort-hopefully, after the total confrontation of values and ideas that will bombard anyone who watches The White Masai.

I hope that i am not being nor will be branded as sexist when I write that I thought Lemalian, the Masai, had the harder row to hoe of the two of them-his traditions were continually being assaulted while Hofmann's, although similarly assaulted, were at least those of a visitor rather than as a resident of an extremely isolated and traditional society.

Both paths were exceptionally hard and I left the theater feeling privileged that Huntgeburth made the film so that I could peek into events that would tax anybody.

Go out of your way to see this film because it is rare and insightful; you will not be disappointed. Based on the novel by Corrine Hofmann, this is the incredible true story of a woman from Switzerland who pursues and eventually marries a Masai warrior in Kenya.

The story itself is riveting, made more impressive and captivating as it is based in fact. The film contains three languages - German, English, and Maa.

But even with this mix of language, the subtitles which were unfortunately quite poorly done weren't even a real necessity as so much of the story is so clearly communicated without the need for language.

German director Hermine Huntgeburth expertly captured the beauty and culture of this part of the world.

This by far wasn't the 'biggest' gala presentation at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, but it left the fortunate audience captivated by the story and the visual beauty.

Definitely worth checking out. Although I did not read the book, I saw the film tonight at the German cinema with a mix of subtitles. The film leaves you with the feeling that you are not sure why this woman wanted to even stay in Kenya with this man, despite "hardships" of no showers, no electricity, no amenities as we know.

It was her loves to this man from a totally different culture, a warrior, that made her decide to live in such a God-forsaken place, so far from her former reality.

This Swiss woman, who had owned a shop in Switzerland, sold her store, and then after some time, thought she could best help her new husband's people by opening a shop herself and selling wares to the people in the surrounding areas.

However, she really had no feeling for what her husband was going through, losing face for having his wife work, as well as being able to drive a car which he thought was so easy to learn until he ran the jeep against the tree.

One can at times sees that she is not very sensitive to the cultural issues regarding tribal life and position, and this makes this relationship quite tense.

On the other hand, one can see that the African man makes quite a bit of effort to understand her and ease her way into his world, even though he is not so aware of her upbringing and needs.

Perhaps reading the book would give more insight to their other trials and tribulations. However, I will have to say that I will now read the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

It makes one think if two people from diverse cultures ever have a chance of survival. On the other hand This is a really well filmed movie.

The acting ranges from average to very authentic. I wonder how they managed to film some of the settings and how much the Massai way of life was disturbed by the film crew's visits.

In any case, on a technical level, it is well produced. The message is the problem of this film. Ostensibly, the film is a romance failed between western, civilized, white Swiss woman and eastern, uncivilized, black African man.

They start off passionate, but soon come the inevitable cultural clashes. In every circumstance, the white woman reacts as a westerner would and not surprising - how else should one be expected to act?

What IS surprising is that we see the Massai husband attempt in every circumstance to accept or even adopt the ways of his wife. He fails almost every time, but, man, did she find an understanding man to marry.

He even goes so far as to cut off his precious warrior hair a symbol of his manhood so that she will be more pleased with him. The fact that he loses patience, lashes out, or accuses her of infidelity should come as natural, as his ignorant wife steps over his cultural taboos repeatedly.

But he manages to stifle letting his anger out fully because he loves her. Even his tribe accepts this woman, who arrogantly assumes her ways upon them.

Now I would have had no problem with these developments had the movie been completely neutral or sided with the Massai more clearly the Massai were far more patient with her than she with them.

But this film seems to side with the white woman and subtly justify her decision to leave country and take their daughter with her, leaving her husband disgraced and now childless.

We are asked to sympathize with her, and while we should, we are not asked to sympathize with the Massai.

What a wasted opportunity. The film gets 4 points for technical prowess, but none more because of the story! When I heard of this movie, I must admit that I have not known much about it.

First, I have not read the novel by Corinne Hofmann. Moreover, there are no famous names of cast that would draw my attention.

What called my interest was Africa, the continent that has not been very popular in movies but so attractive in itself together with both its beauties as well as its difficulties.

What were my feelings about it after leaving the cinema? The film surprised me as very good in some aspects and average in some other ones.

A Swiss woman, Carola Nina Hoss , goes to Kenya, accidentally meets a Massai warrior Lemalian Jacky Ido , falls in love and begins to live with him in harsh conditions, almost unbearable for any European.

At first, it seems that love will conquer all difficulties and differences but, in the long run, the situation does not occur to be as simple as that.

Carola teaches him how to love her Almost everything: lifestyle, traditions, social behavior, treatment of important matters in life, and, of course, male-female relations.

When she sees how young girls are treated in the tribe, she feels petrified and disgusted This is the way they have been living for hundreds of years!

What right do we have to change them? When she opens the shop, it gradually brings serious problems since relatives don't understand how it should work.

Finally, the most serious problem Carola has to cope with is when her husband accuses her of betraying him with other men. She smiles at male customers in order to be nice.

Her husband sees this as flirting These were highly out of good taste! But generally speaking, the film is an accurate presentation of the problem.

People who think that male-female love will do for everything should see this movie. We see the cities, the landscape, the markets, the real core of African life.

The movie is mostly shot in Africa, which makes it exceptionally authentic. Some scenes filmed in the beautiful landscape of Kenya are fabulous.

We not only see the real African inhabitants but also hear their language. Moreover, there is a lot to be found about their customs and traditions, sometimes obscure habits but customs that have a right to be respected.

This all provides a viewer with a chance to see the real Africa on screen. In this case, I must mention the moment when Carola travels by bus, a woman by her side asks her for the destination of her journey.

The reaction to Carola's answer The performances are fine. Nina Hoss does a very good job as a woman who is driven to do something by her desires and gradually realizes how difficult it is to live in such a reality.

She gives a very appealing performance and feels the role straightly from the beginning to the surprising end. Jacky Ido is good as Lemalian, a Massai warrior and a European woman's lover.

But here, a mention must be made of many African people who behave very naturally before cameras and make the film highly authentic. I watched the film and almost knew what would come later.

It is easy to predict the behavior of such a woman. They are all very similar in what they do, not to offend anyone, at first see sex and then open their eyes and realize difficulties.

Then, they don't get used to harsh living conditions and give up this life. Yet, the consequences do not disappear automatically Therefore, it appears that there is nothing that may conquer cultural conflict, nothing - not even true love.

But even if you are not particularly fond of the story, I still recommend you to see the film due to the authentic Africa. Besides, the performance of Nina Hoss is exceptionally memorable.

You will surely like something about the film. Worth looking for! Having just finished reading The White Masai in paperback, I waited in anticipation of getting the DVD from the local library, albeit with some trepidations, knowing that film adaptations of books don't always follow true to the written work.

That is certainly the case with this one. Firstly, why the change of names of the characters in the book - from Corinne to Carola, Lketinga to Lemalian, Napirai to Sarai, etc?

Everyone who has read the book will know the characters anyway no matter what their names are. Also, there seem to be some vital points in the book that were not depicted in the movie.

The novel extensively describes how Corinne's physical health was greatly affected from having to live in near-primitive conditions with nil in basic amenities like proper drinking water and sanitation, tropical diseases and inadequate diet.

She merely appears to be in a reality TV tour group rather than having assimilated herself into the tribe. It would certainly have helped to have a Westernized educated Samburu character to help bridge the communication gap between Carola and Lemalian, which in the book would have been James Lketinga's brother.

That said, the bottom line that both book and film raise is: can two people of contrastingly different cultures live together in harmony and genuine affection?

How much is one prepared to sacrifice in the name of love? Would I give up all the creature comforts of life that I've known and been accustomed to and live in woop-woop with a man I hardly know from a totally alien background?

Even though the film is sympathetic to the Samburu people and evidently shows how naive and clueless as far as cultural sensitivities go with Carola, it's telling her side of the story.

It would be very interesting indeed if the movie would be re made from Lemalian's point of view, but alas that is just a pipe dream.

What strange thing is the attraction between two human beings. Aoyama Kun Watch Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Episode 3 Online Subbed.

Sie wollen nicht zurück zum Vorher, denn das Vorher sei falsch gewesen, schreiben Cate Blanchett, Madonna und der Philosoph.

Einerseits ist. Kinostart war am September und der Film wurde zum erfolgreichsten deutschen Kinofilm im Jahr mit ca.

Nachdem die Bürokratie überwunden, der Dorfchef geschmiert, ein Brautkleid importiert und im traditionellen Stammeszeremoniell geheiratet wurde, beginnt der Alltag in.

Aber es gibt natürlich Konstellationen und Rechenmodelle, wie die Bremer am kommenden Samstag noch auf den Relegationsrang.

Film verpasst? Kein Problem. Film-Highlights, Komödien und mehr. Das volle Programm jederzeit online. An ihrem letzten Tag dort lernt sie den Samburu-Krieger.

Noch vor Ort trennt sie sich von ihrem Freund und zieht zu. Am Goal verrät alles zur Übertragung des Spiels. Carola, eine junge erfolgreiche Geschäftsfrau aus der Schweiz, verliebt sich in Kenia in den Samburu-Krieger Lemalian.

Noch vor Ort trennt sie sich von ihrem Freund und zieht zu Lemalian. Zunächst ist Carola vom ursprünglichen Leben der Dorfgemeinschaft völlig fasziniert, doch durch die unterschiedlichen kulturellen Hintergründe fühlt sich das Paar bald.

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Die WeiГџe Massai Ganzer Film Youtube

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Die weiГџe massai ganzer film youtube Stream it filme
Die weiГџe massai ganzer film youtube 252
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Die WeiГџe Massai Ganzer Film Youtube Video

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