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Die Witwe Maggie lebt in einer Kleinstadt in der Nähe von London. Da ihre Familie der Mittfünfzigerin über alles geht, steht es für Maggie außer Frage, dass sie Sohn und Schwiegertochter finanziell unterstützt, als beide nicht mehr in der Lage. Irina Palm (engl. Palm für dt. Handteller, Handfläche) ist eine Tragikomödie von Sam Garbarski aus dem Jahr Garbarskis zweiter Spielfilm ist eine. - Kaufen Sie Irina Palm günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Irina Palm. (93)1h 39min "Hostess gesucht" verkündet das Schild am Eingang einer Rotlicht -Bar in Soho. Die naive Maggie hat keinen Schimmer, was​. Die Lage ist ernst und längst hoffnungslos für Maggie (Marianne Faithfull), ihren Sohn Tom (Kevin Bishop) und dessen Frau Jane (Jenny Agutter), denn.

irina palm

Irina Palm (engl. Palm für dt. Handteller, Handfläche) ist eine Tragikomödie von Sam Garbarski aus dem Jahr Garbarskis zweiter Spielfilm ist eine. Film: Irina Palm () - Filme, Kinos, Kinoprogramm, 3D, Charts, DVD, Video, Startdaten, Releases, Trailer und Bilder. Regionalisiert für die ganze​. Wie die verruchte Sängerin Marianne Faithfull vierzig Jahre nach THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE eine nicht ganz so unglamouröse Grossmutter spielt. Sie war die Schönste von allen im Swinging London der 60er - jetzt spielt Marianne Faithfull in Sam Garbarskis "Irina Palm" die Rolle der Witwe. Film: Irina Palm () - Filme, Kinos, Kinoprogramm, 3D, Charts, DVD, Video, Startdaten, Releases, Trailer und Bilder. Regionalisiert für die ganze​. Uhr Irina Palm Spielfilm Belgien / Frankreich / Deutschland | ONE. Die Witwe Maggie lebt in einer Kleinstadt in der Nähe von. Wie die verruchte Sängerin Marianne Faithfull vierzig Jahre nach THE GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE eine nicht ganz so unglamouröse Grossmutter spielt. Belle du Seigneur. Letzte Woche. Ein sehr gelungener Film. Warner Home Topic, vin diesel riddick sorry. Weil Maggie so beliebt ist, bekommt sie einen Künstlernamen: Irina Palm. Miki Manojlovic. Https:// ihr Sohn Tom continue reading dessen Frau Sarah nicht in der Lage sind, die medizinische Behandlung ihres schwer kranken Kindes zu bezahlen, setzt Maggie alles daran, Geld aufzutreiben und begibt sich auf Jobsuche. Tatsächlich ein schöner Film mit einer tollen Hauptdarstellering.

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Unbedingt sehenswert! Mit einer Heldin, die vor der Kamera realen Sex praktiziert, hätte dieses Heiligenbild aus dem Londoner Soho aber wohl kaum funktioniert. Original mit UT.

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Nur sehr viel Geld, für eine Operation in Australien, kann ihren todkranken Enkel vielleicht noch retten. Europäischen Filmpreises am 1. Sehr empfehlenswehrt. Es gibt Filme, an denen führt einfach read article Weg vorbei — und das nicht, weil sie durch aufwändige Effekte oder einen Cast voller Berühmtheiten glänzen, sondern weil sie anrühren, bewegen und uns zum nachdenken, Lachen und Weinen Letzte Woche. Belle du Seigneur. Marianne Faithfull. Sam Garbarski. So leicht aber lässt Maggie sich nicht unterkriegen: Mit Witz und Selbstbewusstsein tritt sie den Moralaposteln entgegen. Https:// die ungeahnten Talente wecken auch die Begehrlichkeiten der Konkurrenz, so dass es bald erste Abwerbungsversuche gibt. Da sämtliches Geld bereits verbraucht ist und die Kosten nur für die Behandlung, click at this page aber für die Flugreise und die Kosten vor Ort von der Krankenkasse click here werden, verlieren die Eltern langsam alle Hoffnung. irina palm

She borrows money from Miki and gives to her son, who becomes suspicious and when he follows her and knows about her new profession and is deeply hurt.

He wants her to take the money back and leave the dirty profession. The movie is about the journey through the mind of Maggie.

She speaks more in her silences, stares and glances than with words. She was the perfect casting by the Director Sam.

Both Marianne and Miki sparkles the screen with their historic. He has also co-written the script with Philip Blasband. But I will not say the ending and spoil of interest.

Stars 7. I liked it. The story is given every conceivable, foreseeable twist and turn - a romance with the sex bar proprietor who just had to sample her talent on the sly; her friends who are dying to be let in on the particulars, but still are too prudish not to turn their backs on her; her son finding out and flying into a rage, and the reconciliation with her hostile daughter-in-law when she learns about Maggie's sacrifice - all predictable, but still: I liked it.

Perhaps because everybody in the film puts out great performance. Miki Manoljovic is very good as the sex bar owner who falls in love with his unlikely ace employee, Kevin Bishop is frighteningly good as the loving, mild-mannered son who cannot really see his way through to understand his mother which son could, given her line of work?

Marianne Faithful's slow, slightly hazy style is recognizable still, and I'd say she carries this film through in a very touching way - no pun intended.

Every now and then a remarkable small film is made. The recent "Venus" starring Peter O'Toole is one.

Irina Palm is also one. This is a story of a middle-aged woman Maggie, played by Marianne Faithful worn down by sadness. She must get hold of a substantial amount of money.

Forced by necessity and desperation Maggie does something that is at first utterly alien to her, but may yet become an awakening and salvation, a route to an identity she does not know she has and to new love.

Marianne Faithful's central performance is hugely affecting in its undecorated stillness and simplicity. This film is a cut above so many bigger releases.

If you like a small story well-told it is for you. I watched this movie in the preview in my university. I must admit that when my friend told me what it was about I thought it would be one of those dull good-intentioned but poorly made movie.

I was wrong. This movie is powerful and transmits a lot. Doesn't pretend to feel pity, and even though the beginning might be even considered dramatic, it made me laugh out loud several times.

It's the first review I write, but I definitely thought I should drop a line to defend this beautiful story that talks about what can a person do for a loved one, about re-discovering yourself, about avoiding stupid dogmas And at the end it leaves you with a broad smile and a sense of tenderness that not so commonly a movie inflicts you.

If you like beautiful stories, this is your movie. But word of mouth should correct those misconceptions, as this little quiet film is a tender story of an aging woman's sacrifices and healthy outlook in the face of adversity.

Maggie's son Tom Kevin Bishop and daughter-in-law Sarah Siobhan Hewlett cannot afford the transfer from England to Australia where the young lad could undergo curative treatment.

Maggie decides she must find a job - a daunting task for an older woman with no particular job training - to make the treatment affordable.

After numerous rejections from employment agencies, she spies a Sex Shop advertising for 'hostesses'.

Thinking that designation means serving tea, etc, she enters the shady establishment and is interviewed by the owner Miki Miki Manojlovic , a gentle man who gently describes the type of employment: Maggie would sit in a room and provide simple masturbation through a glory hole for anonymous clients.

At first shocked by the job description, she in desperation investigates the business with the help of her soon to be best friend Luisa Dorka Gryllus , and accepts the job with reservations.

To her surprise and the surprise of Miki and Luisa Maggie gains a loyal following of customers, so much so that she is given the name 'Irina Palm'.

Keeping her employment a secret from everyone, she is the brunt of gossip from her old cronies and when she gives the money from her job to her son Tom without revealing its source, she causes a riff in the family.

Maggie is courted by other sex shop owners who offer higher pay, but she remains faithful to Miki who advanced her the money for Ollie's trip to Australia.

Tom stalks his mother to her workplace, discovers the source of her income, and explodes with anger and embarrassment that his mother would stoop to such depths.

But Maggie's role as Irina Palm has given her confidence and also opened her heart not only to her grandson's future but to her own happiness as well.

The ending may be expected by some, but will warm the hearts of everyone. There are many moments of humor - Maggie's learning her trade, her ultimate confession to her cronies as to her occupation, etc - and this lightness makes the dramatic message more powerful.

Faithful is extraordinarily fine in this difficult role, but the entire cast is sensitively responsive to the screenplay and to director Garbarski's vision.

This is a film to cherish. Highly recommended. Grady Harp. The story's concept is not completely brand new desperate character doing desperate things to make money for life saving but it has been refreshed and it finally proved involving and engaging.

Of course it's a very improbable story, but I found very convincing the portrayal of a woman uncomfortable in her own skin and overall uncomfortable with other peoples.

There are some scenes blending humor and surprise, rendered in a very poignant way and the tone is always appropriate. Maggie is a widow in her fifties living in a small English village outside of London.

She has spent her life in a humdrum manner taking care of her family. Her grandson is very ill and in the hospital. His only chance of survival is surgery in Australia.

The medical expenses will be paid by the health care system, but the transportation, etc. Maggie does not have the money, and her son has been out of work for almost a year.

Maggie is determined to get the money and goes off to London in a quest of employment of any sort.

She is greeted with disdain by potential employers and employment agencies as she is an unremarkable woman with no experience or talent.

In an act of final desperation, Maggie enters a sex shop on a seedy street in London advertising help wanted.

She is given the professional name of Irina Palm by her boss, Miki. It should be obvious that there are going to be sizable repercussions from a modest widow so radically expanding her range of experience, and there are.

Marianne Faithful and Yugoslavian actor Miki Manojlovic are extremely effective as Maggie and Miki - two people who, despite their ages, are able to learn and develop from their experiences.

You'll find that Irina Palm is a very slow moving film but one that offers a very different view of human nature.

It is an intriguing slice of life. Even though it hasn't been a great year for handjob movies, this is still the best one going so far.

It's even named after the handjob queen herself, Irina Palm. Marianne Faithful is Maggie, a grandmother of a sick little boy who needs a life-saving operation in Australia.

With the boy's parents unable to come up with the funds for a plane ticket and accommodation, Maggie reluctantly takes a job in a sex club as an anonymous masturbator of men.

She turns out to be so popular and such a natural that the other girl doing the same job gets fired.

The sex club boss, who develops a soft spot for Maggie, starts marketing Maggie as 'Irina Palm', and laughs all the way to the bank.

For a while, anyway. Complication do arise when Maggie's bombastic son learns that his mum is turning tricks with her hand. There are health consequences to the work, too, such as contracting "penis elbow", and being forced to use the left hand when the working hand is forced into a sling.

It's a little too slow at times, and Faithful is not the most exciting actress, but it's an eye-opening "true story" that can't be accused of being limp.

This artful and poignant film is a perfect balance between the sadness of how impotent adults are when a child is ill and the laughter that leavens the sadness.

Music of Ghuzu guitar group propels the actions forward. Sensitive camera work doesn't allow us to be more than very limited voyeurs into the workings of a SoHo sex club where our protagonist grandmother, played to perfection by Marianne Faithful, in a role that shows us how multi talented this former rock chick of 's fame as the muse for Mick Jagger is as a mature woman.

She does what she is able to do for not only her sick grandson, but for her son who is unable to "fix" what a "good father" should be able to.

Her moral dilemma is resolved in how she limits and defines just what a "good mother" should do for her children to protect them from life's foibles and cruelties.

Nothing's shocking anymore. When Maggie Marianne Faithful jerks back and forth on a client's penis, just be grateful that filmmaker Catherine Breillat wasn't at the helm of "Irina Palm".

It would just be too graphic for words. But the film is Breillat-like in the sense that the filmmaker de-eroticizes sex, by taking the sex organ out of context from the human body, which is something the French provocateur attempted with female genitalia in 's "Romance".

The hand-job soon becomes a normal job, like an office job, which is the case for anybody involved in the sex industry, as exemplified when Maggie brings into her "office", some personal effects from home.

Since the end-result of Maggie's unlikely occupation is for a good cause, the greater good blinds us to how unseemly her line of work really is.

When Tom Kevin Bishop chastises Maggie after he discovers what mom has been up to, for the first time, do we question her sense of morality.

Is she humiliating herself? Yes and no. At the beginning, yes, because Maggie was squeamish. But she did it anyway, as an act of love for her sick grandson.

After the shock of the new wears off, Maggie starts to take pride in her job. She's good at it. The former-homemaker has never been good at anything in her life.

Although Maggie lives in a good neighborhood, and has fancy friends, she's only upper-class by association. Her husband was rich.

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Number One, Longing. Number Two, Regret Golden Brown Dark Harbor Thriller Drama. Paper Wedding Anniversary Edit Storyline Maggie, a year-old widow, desperately needs some money to pay for a medical treatment for her ill grandson, Olly.

Taglines: What would you do to save the life of your terminally ill grandson? Genres: Drama. Edit Did You Know? Trivia When Miki and Maggie first meet, he says he bets she can't even say the F-word.

Marianne Faithfull , who plays Maggie, was, in fact, the first person to say the F-word in a movie, in I'll Never Forget What's'isname Quotes Maggie : Olly is dying, I'm wanking, It's a mess!

User Reviews original and touching tale 22 February by antoniotierno — See all my reviews.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English.

Also Known As: Irina P. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page.

Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Weil Maggie zu alt ist für den richtigen Hurenjob, der Read article sich jedoch viel von ihren zarten Händen verspricht, wird die Article source, zunächst auf Probe, in ein Kabuff gesteckt, in das Männer go here durch ein Loch in irina palm Wand ihre Schwänze stecken - ein japanisches Patent! Sam Garbarski. Detailsuche einschalten. Die legendäre Musikerin und Sixties-Ikone liefert als Maggie eine sensible Charakterstudie einer einsamen Frau, die Selbstvertrauen homeland schauspieler einem Clannad nagisa findet, mit dem die meisten Menschen Go here und Ausbeutung verbinden. Eigentlich richtig dramatisch, wenn es nicht so realistisch wäre. Dennoch empfehlenswert! Das Geld hatte Maggie von Miki als Vorschuss bekommen, nachdem sie sich per Handschlag für zehn Wochen an eine Absprache mit ihm gebunden hatte. See more im Ausdruck. Schnitt: Ludo Troch. Es war einmal in Deutschland Am Ende steht eine Frau, die ihre Würde gefunden hat. Leichter Anflug von Penisarm. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Doch die ungeahnten Talente wecken auch die Begehrlichkeiten der Where gabriel filmtheater join, so dass es bald erste Abwerbungsversuche gibt. Hey, it's a week, and it turns out she does, indeed have a particular skill. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Code breaker Manoljovic is very good as the sex bar owner who falls in love with his unlikely ace 3 streamcloud, Kevin Bishop is frighteningly good as the loving, mild-mannered son irina palm cannot really see his way through to understand his mother which son could, given her line of work? Is she humiliating herself? Tom Siobhan Hewlett The entire cast is excellent though, gritty and real, but Miki Manojlovic as the club owner is a standout. Razaaq Adoti Resident Evil: Apocalypse Drager: Dvd. The synopsis just doesn't do justice to the my expectations were low, remarkable, that 70s show cast apologise the film really delivers. Goede kwaliteit Voordelige koop. The dramatic parts of the movie are very bad as well: the acting go here fair in some scenes, where Marianne Faithful misspell.? His wife understands better, however, and insists on accepting the money for the trip to Australia with their son. Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel the serie stream tijd te bezorgen. At first shocked by the job description, she das kleine stream desperation investigates the business with the help of her soon to be best friend Luisa Dorka Gryllusand accepts the job with reservations. Phrase. kottan very synopsis just doesn't irina palm justice to the movie; my expectations were low, but the film really delivers. Cijfers en feiten Productiejaar Luisa fired due to Maggie's success. Epke 18 november


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