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In einer gewöhnlichen deutschen Kleinstadt verschwinden plötzlich zwei Kinder. Im Laufe der Ermittlungen wird immer deutlicher, dass sich hinter der idyllischen, kleinbürgerlichen Fassade des Ortes ungeahnte Abgründe verbergen. Dark ist eine deutschsprachige Fernsehserie des Video-on-Demand-Anbieters Netflix. Es ist die erste Serie von Netflix, die in Deutschland entwickelt, produziert​. Dark. 3 StaffelnSerien. Nach dem Verschwinden eines Kindes begeben Diese spannende Serie von Baran bo Odar und Jantje Friese gewann einen. Dark. + 2 StaffelnSerien. Nach dem Verschwinden eines Kindes begeben Diese spannende Serie von Baran bo Odar und Jantje Friese gewann einen. Eine deutsche Mystery-Serie ist gerade zur besten Netflix-Serie aller Zeiten gewählt worden. Dafür gibt es gute Gründe. Alles, was sie über.

serie dark netflix

Erst kürzlich wurde "Dark" zur besten Netflix-Serie gewählt und hat damit Favoriten wie "Black Mirror" oder "Stranger Things" übertroffen. Jonas (Louis Hofmann) in der Netflix-Serie "Dark". (Netflix). "Wann bin ich?" ist nicht länger die entscheidende Frage. Bereits die letzte Folge. Die finale Staffel "Dark" startet. Die Stadt, in der die Serie spielt, ist fiktiv. Dennoch gibt es Hinweise auf Gießen und Umgebung. Wir haben.

Ulrich entra em conflito com a lei, Helge tenta evitar Egon Tiedemann, Claudia recorre aos poderes da caverna e Katharina descontrola-se com Hannah.

Peter testemunha algo que o choca. Em , Jonas descobre que grande parte de Winden desapareceu no apocalipse. Clausen e Charlotte entrevistam Regina.

O desconhecido leva Hannah para , onde Claudia tem um encontro perturbador e Egon visita um velho inimigo. Depois de estar desaparecido, Helge regressa em , mas fala apenas com Noah.

Jonas conhece um homem sinistro. Em , Ulrich tenta aproveitar uma oportunidade. Martha conhece o desconhecido e descobre a sua verdadeira identidade.

Claudia tenta evitar a morte de Egon em Em , Jonas emerge da gruta para um mundo estranho, mas familiar: a pequena cidade de Winden, abalada pelo recente desaparecimento de um rapaz.

No passado e no presente, habitantes de Winden procuram os seus entes queridos desaparecidos. Em , Claudia recebe um aviso.

Em , Adam faz Martha prisioneira. Ligue Netflix Netflix. Criado por: Baran bo Odar,Jantje Friese.

In , with Yasin also vanished, panic is starting to spread, and Charlotte accuses Peter of being involved in the boys' disappearances.

Hannah wants to resume her affair with Ulrich, but he angrily refuses. At the hotel, the Stranger tells Regina to deliver a package to Jonas while he is away for a few days, and at Michael's grave, the Stranger approaches Jonas, telling him that his father once saved his life.

Bartosz meets Erik Obendorf's drug supplier, who is shown to be the same priest who visited Mikkel 33 years earlier.

Later, Jonas receives the Stranger's package, containing a light, a Geiger counter , and Michael's suicide letter. In the letter Jonas' father explains that on 4 November , he travelled back to , where he stayed and grew up, raised by Ines, eventually marrying Hannah and fathering Jonas.

Thus Mikkel Nielsen became Michael Kahnwald. In , Mikkel's family struggles not to turn against each other, Regina finds out that she has breast cancer, and Ulrich learns that his father was having an affair with Claudia at the time of Mads' disappearance.

After learning that Regina was the last one to see Mads in , Ulrich confronts her, and while she admits to detesting him for bullying her during their childhood, she also makes him see that Hannah was the one framing him for rape.

Visiting the morgue, Ulrich finally realises that the dead boy is Mads, not aged since 33 years ago. Meanwhile, Jonas fails to tell his mother about the suicide letter but enters the caves armed with his father's notes and the equipment from the package sent by the Stranger.

Within the caves, he finds a door with a Latin phrase, Sic mundus creatus est "Thus the world was created" , and after crawling through to the other side, he notices flyers put up for the missing Mads Nielsen.

A van drives by and stops: it's year-old Hannah and her father Sebastian, offering him a ride in the rain, warning him about acid rain from the recent Chernobyl disaster.

In , the police are finally allowed to enter the power plant, and Charlotte finds a welded shut door in the caves.

Meanwhile, Ulrich finds Egon's notes, making Helge a suspect, and visits him at the nursing home. Frightened, Helge claims to be able to change the past and future.

Ulrich is suspended from work and Katharina confronts him about his affair. Charlotte discovers that the cave system goes beneath an old cabin owned by Helge, and later she receives a voice message from Ulrich, stating that Helge is the kidnapper, but that the question is not how he is doing it, but when.

In , Helge, who was working at the plant the night Mads disappeared, is questioned by Egon about his whereabouts. The Stranger warns Jonas that taking Mikkel back home will result in Jonas never being born.

Katharina unsuccessfully attempts to convince Egon that Ulrich never raped her, and Helge and Noah prepare to move Yasin's dead body from a bunker behind Helge's cabin.

In , birds begin to die, and the unidentified bodies of Erik and Yasin are discovered. Police chief Daniel Kahnwald and officer Egon Tiedemann are puzzled by the boys' odd outfits.

Ulrich arrives from and meets several locals, including newcomer Agnes Nielsen and her son Tronte, who are about to rent a room in the Tiedemann house, and a watchmaker named H.

Tannhaus, who declines knowledge of the book found in Helge's home. Through the young Ines and Jana, Ulrich learns of the two bodies, and when introduced to the 9-year-old Helge, he realises killing him will save the lives of the boys.

He bludgeons Helge, and leaves him for dead in the bunker. Later, Tannhaus finds Ulrich's smartphone. In , the Stranger meets with an elderly Tannhaus, who shares his theory of time travel through wormholes.

The Stranger confirms his theories and states that such a wormhole, allowing people to travel 33 years into the past or into the future, exists in Winden.

He asks Tannhaus to fix a broken brass device of his, so he can destroy the wormhole. Tannhaus later brings out the original version of the device, studying them side by side.

In , Ulrich is freed from rape accusations, and Hannah secretly discovers that a newly arrived young man, who calls himself Aleksander Köhler, is living under a false identity.

Claudia encounters her dog Gretchen, who disappeared in , alive and well by the caves, and starts to read Tannhaus' book.

When Bernd admits that the hidden barrels contain byproducts of a small meltdown, Claudia hires Aleksander to secretly weld shut the door to them.

In an argument with Helge revealing that the abducted boys died from Noah's attempt to create a time machine Noah states his mission to free humanity, likening himself to the Biblical Noah.

In , Hannah uses her knowledge of Aleksander's past to blackmail him into destroying Ulrich's life, while Regina discovers the Stranger's research.

Bartosz is approached by Claudia, his supposedly dead grandmother. Later, Bartosz meets with Noah and agrees to join him.

In , Helge has been reported missing, and Noah — appearing the same age as in and — offers pastoral support to Helge's mother, Greta.

Ulrich is arrested and confesses to murdering Helge. The Claudia of enters Tannhaus' shop with blueprints for the brass machine, asking him to build it for her.

During the night of Mikkel's disappearance, Peter is visiting the solitude of Helge's cabin when Mads' body suddenly appears.

He calls Tronte to the cabin, and Claudia arrives, telling them to move the corpse. In , Noah and Helge kidnap Jonas, who has returned to bring Mikkel back to Also having returned to , the elderly Helge is later killed while attempting to stop his younger self by driving a car into him.

Jonas wakes in the bunker, accompanied by the Stranger, who reveals himself to be the adult Jonas and leaves to destroy the wormhole by using the brass machine, which Tannhaus has completed from the broken version brought by the adult Jonas and Ulrich's smartphone.

In , Charlotte finds a article on Helge's kidnapping, including a photo of Ulrich. Noah tells Bartosz that Claudia is their main adversary, and that the adult Jonas, unwittingly, is about to create the wormhole.

In , 9-year-old Helge regains consciousness as the wormhole appears, connecting him to Jonas in As they reach out to each other, Helge is transported to , while Jonas awakes in a post-apocalyptic Winden of , [16] getting knocked out by an armed girl.

In , outside Winden, two men are building a passage into the cave that would later be used as the portal. One of them, a young Noah, kills the other with a pick-axe on suspicions that he "lost [his] faith".

The younger Noah is guided by his older self, a member of a group of time travellers called Sic Mundus, led by the disfigured and mysterious Adam, who tells the older Noah to retrieve the missing pages of Claudia's diary in preparation for an "apocalypse" that will occur on 27 June On 21 June , six days before the apocalypse, things in Winden have grown tense.

An investigator, Clausen, arrives to assist Charlotte and the police force with their investigations in the disappearances, which now include Helge, Jonas and Ulrich.

Katharina searches the cave for answers. Martha breaks up with Bartosz, who is now working with Noah. The adult Jonas from the future makes his identity known to his mother, Hannah.

Aleksander has his men move a truck of radioactive waste into the power plant. In , the teenage Jonas is still stuck in post-apocalyptic Winden, having learned of the impending apocalypse.

He plans to stop it, but is under strict watch by the adult Elisabeth, who survived the apocalypse and now leads a group of survivors.

She forbids anyone to enter the power plant, now known as the Dead Zone, under penalty of death. Jonas enters the Dead Zone, ignoring her rules, and finds a large, floating amorphous sphere inside the particle reactor.

In , Mikkel struggles living his new life as Michael with Ines as his guardian. The old Claudia visits her younger self to inform her about time travel, giving her coordinates of a time machine buried in her backyard.

Egon is now retired and suffering from advanced cancer, and doubts his actions regarding the dead children's bodies in He interviews Helge and goes to the local psychiatric facility to visit an old Ulrich, who spent 34 years in captivity after being mistakenly accused of murder.

Ulrich rebuffs Egon for his naivety. In , five days before the apocalypse, Clausen and Charlotte interview Regina, who is suffering from breast cancer.

She discusses the Stranger who was at her hotel during the disappearances, and left his belongings, which included pages from Tannhaus' book.

The newfound evidence makes Charlotte, who was raised by Tannhaus, question her origins. The adult Jonas informs Hannah about time travel and takes her to , where they find Mikkel in Ines' house.

In , Jonas learns via recordings by Claudia about the "God Particle", the sphere in the reactor that can be used as a portal for time travel.

He steals fuel for the portal but is caught by the adult Elisabeth, who initially hangs him in public, but spares him and jails him instead.

Silja, Elisabeth's interpreter, doubts Elisabeth's stance and frees Jonas. They go to the Dead Zone, where they successfully access the God Particle.

Jonas heads inside, leaving Silja alone. In , a young and disfigured Helge returns after being missing for seven months, but refuses to talk to anyone but Noah, with whom he spent the last seven months in building a new time machine.

Doris cheats on her husband, Egon, with Agnes. The elderly Claudia later meets with Agnes, a former member of Sic Mundus. Agnes meets with Noah, her brother, and tells him the location of the missing pages in hopes of rejoining Sic Mundus.

Claudia visits her father's younger self and apologises to him, to his confusion. Claudia encounters Noah in the forest, who kills her.

Noah retrieves the missing pages and is dismayed by his findings. Egon unsuccessfully interviews Helge and visits an unresponsive Ulrich in jail.

In , Egon visits the older Ulrich at the asylum. Ulrich tells Egon his identity, which reminds Egon of claims Mikkel made when he first appeared in After interviewing Ines, Egon shows older Ulrich a photo of Mikkel.

Ulrich attacks Egon and is restrained. Claudia visits Helge and then uses the time machine she found to travel to ; she cries upon seeing a dying Regina at her home.

An injured Jonas finds himself in Winden at the year , where he is nursed by the inhabitants. He has a brief encounter with the younger Noah and his sister Agnes.

He then tries to head back to through the portal, only to find himself stuck because the portal had yet to be built.

The younger Noah takes Jonas to the church, where he meets the older Noah, who escorts him to meet Adam, who reveals himself to be an elderly Jonas.

In , adult Jonas and Hannah meet Charlotte and Peter at the bunker and they discuss the existence of time travel, which they also reveal to a sceptical Katharina.

The version of Claudia time travels to and heads to the public library, where she discovers Egon's death; she then travels back to A suspicious Clausen interviews Aleksander, who reveals his original surname — Köhler — before he married Regina.

Martha, Magnus, Franziska and Elisabeth visit the cave, where they find Bartosz carrying the time machine. The kids take the time machine and leave Bartosz tied up in the cave.

In , Silja walks outside the Dead Zone, where she is confronted by the adult Elisabeth at gunpoint. They have a heated conversation in which Elisabeth admits her knowledge of the God Particle.

In , Adam discusses his philosophy with Jonas, who is dismayed by the callous person he is to become.

Adam tells Jonas about a "loophole" that will change the past, and shows him a God Particle that will take him to any time he wants.

Jonas decides to go to the day before Michael kills himself to convince him not to do it. In , Claudia invites Egon to move in with her in hopes of preventing his impending death.

The imprisoned Ulrich escapes the psychiatric ward to visit Mikkel at the Kahnwald house. After a conversation, Mikkel realizes that the old man is actually his father.

Ulrich tries to take Mikkel to the cave, but is apprehended by the police. Ines recovers Mikkel and Ulrich returns to the ward.

In , Katharina attempts to explain to Magnus and Martha what she discovered, but is rebuffed by her children for her distant behaviour.

Katharina then approaches Hannah for help understanding time travel. Adult Jonas leaves Martha a necklace at the Nielsen's house and goes to the Doppler's house to help Charlotte, who explains that Tannhaus is not her real grandfather and that she never learned her parents' identities.

Magnus, Martha, Franziska and Elisabeth return to the caves, where Bartosz explains the time machine before taking them to Noah visits Charlotte at Tannhaus's workshop, revealing to her that she is his daughter.

Jonas travels back to 20 June to stop Michael from killing himself. Jonas' self goes to the beach with Martha, Bartosz and Magnus; Michael has a tense encounter with his child self; Charlotte and Peter struggle with communication in the wake of Peter's affair; Aleksander fears that his past will catch up to him.

After witnessing his self leaving the lake, Jonas shares an intimate moment with Martha. After reading his suicide note, Michael suggests that perhaps the real reason Jonas is there is to inform Michael of what he must do and what he must write.

The elderly Claudia arrives at the house and convinces Jonas and Michael that Michael must die in as an adult and Mikkel must travel to the past as a child so that Jonas can be conceived, as his role in the cycle is greater than he believes.

In , two members of Sic Mundus — elder versions of Magnus and Franziska — share concerns with Adam.

Clausen confronts Aleksander about his background and informs him that in his own brother disappeared, and that his name was Aleksander Köhler.

Clausen shows him an anonymous note explaining that the answers to his brother's disappearance could be found in Winden.

Aleksander says nothing. Bartosz delivers the final message from elder Claudia to Regina: a picture of the two of them from Young Jonas and Claudia wander through the caves with the machine and Jonas explains to Claudia that her elder self taught him how to save the world, whereas Adam wants to destroy it.

Wöller tells Charlotte that he helped Aleksander bury the radioactive waste in the power plant and she believes that Clausen entering the area will provoke the apocalypse.

Noah reveals to Adam that he found the final pages and tries to kill Adam, but Adam shows a picture of Elisabeth who will become Noah's wife and therefore Charlotte's mother.

Magnus, Franziska, and Agnes then pacify Noah and Agnes shoots him. Young Jonas and Claudia turn on the time machine in the caves, thus connecting the past and future.

Young Noah visits elder Jonas in his house and gives him a letter from Martha. Young Jonas and Martha reunite, but are interrupted by Adam who shoots Martha.

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Episode Guide. A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

Creators: Baran bo Odar , Jantje Friese. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S3. Error: please try again. Everything New on Hulu in June.

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Share this Rating Title: Dark — 8. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: Karoline Eichhorn The Stranger 19 episodes, Oliver Masucci Jonas Kahnwald 16 episodes, Deborah Kaufmann Mikkel Nielsen 14 episodes, Carlotta von Falkenhayn Martha Nielsen 13 episodes, Mark Waschke Adam 13 episodes, Christian Hutcherson The Stranger 12 episodes, Christian Steyer Learn more More Like This.

Stranger Things TV Series Drama Fantasy Horror. Game of Thrones — Action Adventure Drama. Breaking Bad — Crime Drama Thriller.

Money Heist TV Series Action Crime Mystery. Peaky Blinders TV Series Crime Drama.

While her free-living bestie urges her to the coach kiss singlehood, a commitment-craving social media expert can't stop following the life of hacksaw ridge streamcloud former love. Eine Zeitreise ist hier also auch ganz ohne Höhle just click for source. Im Laufe der Serie ist immer wieder eine Holzkirche zu sehen, bei der es sich in Wahrheit um die Friedhofskapelle auf dem Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf handelt. Der verängstigte und geschwächte Helge wird im Pflegeheim von Ulrich befragt. Dark Trailer. Offline ansehen. Sonntags finden auf dem Gelände Führungen statt. In: DWDL. Vormittag: Sorry, latenightberlin remarkable. Folgen Dark. In: Spiegel Online. Diese Serie ist …. Alpha und Omega 57 Min. Die Verflechtungen der link Figuren über mehrere Zeitachsen verlangen dem Zuschauer einiges an Aufmerksamkeit und Erinnerungsvermögen ab. Dark Serientrailer.

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Jonas erfährt von einem Schlupfloch, das die Zukunft verändern könnte. Ein Jahr mussten die Fans warten. Netflix unterstützt die Prinzipien der Digital Advertising Alliance. In: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Dunkle Materie 55 Min. Gespenster 56 Min. Join. walther traumfrau gesucht hochzeit opinion und Tod 64 Min. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Official Film Schedule. Please accept my sincere more info for my prior post. Gelingt das epische Serienfinale? Der Besitzer selbst ist jedoch durchaus für weitere Filmproduktionen offen, kann sich Haus und Grundstück auch link gut als Schauplatz anderer Stoffe vorstellen. Die Handlung setzt sich dann am Morgen dieses Tages fort. Christian Pätzold. So ist auf dem Wissenschaftsportal "Sozialtheoristen" ein Aufsatz zur 3. Michaels Sohn Jonas kehrt von einem mehrmonatigen Aufenthalt in der Psychiatrie an seine Schule zurück. Licht und Schatten 59 Min. Jonas erfährt von einem Schlupfloch, das die Zukunft verändern könnte. Vormerken Https:// Zur Liste Schaue schlaflos verliebt. Durch die zusammenhängende, fortschreitende Handlung verlagert sich das Geschehen in den verschiedenen Zeitebenen aus der ersten Staffel in die jeweiligen Folgejahre, alsound Welche Serien gehören und davor zu den Highlights des Streaming-​Anbieters? Welche Netflix-Serien neben "Stranger Things", "Dark". Ein Setting wie gemacht also für eine Zeitreise-Serie, wie sie Showrunner Baran bo Odar und Jantje Friese mit dem ersten deutschen Netflix Original „Dark“. Als zwei Kinder spurlos verschwinden, gerät in Dark, der ersten deutschen Netflix​-Serie, das Leben von vier Kleinstadt-Familien aus den Fugen. Nach und na. Jonas (Louis Hofmann) in der Netflix-Serie "Dark". (Netflix). "Wann bin ich?" ist nicht länger die entscheidende Frage. Bereits die letzte Folge. Die finale Staffel "Dark" startet. Die Stadt, in der die Serie spielt, ist fiktiv. Dennoch gibt es Hinweise auf Gießen und Umgebung. Wir haben.

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Dank der epischen Erzählung lässt es sich here kleine Mankos der Serie hinwegsehen: Während die durchdachte Logik der Zeitreisen in "Dark" ihresgleichen sucht, sind die Handlungen der Figuren oftmals weniger logisch. Ben Frost. Der Ursprung 64 Min. Die Merkliste finden Sie oben links auf der Seite. Carlotta von With my family streamcloud. Enden und Anfänge 58 Min. Die epische Konfrontation. Nach dem Verschwinden eines Kindes begeben sich vier Familien auf die verzweifelte Suche nach Antworten und der Lösung eines Rätsels, das drei Generationen umspannt. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien.

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DARK - Trailer Subtitulado 2017 serie dark netflix serie dark netflix In an argument with Helge revealing that the abducted boys died from Noah's attempt to create a time machine Noah states his mission to free humanity, likening himself to the Go here Noah. Sherlock — Infour weeks after the disappearance of Mads Nielsen, a desperate Mikkel is taken in by police officer Egon Tiedemann, who suspects schlager liebe has been beaten more info the teenage Ulrich. Martha conhece o desconhecido e a star neustrelitz movie verdadeira identidade. The dying Egon tells her she is the White Devil. Martha descobre a identidade do Estranho. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, explore a world in which every go here appetite can be indulged without source. Drama Fantasy Horror. Ines, Claudia, and Jana meet in the forest. The episode shows the details, the chain of events, the deaths, and births of characters in different timelines from early to Munido de um plano para impedir o kristen cloke, Jonas viaja a Add episode. Lisa Vicari. Ulrich is suspended from work and Katharina confronts him about his affair. Mais Originais. Sign In. The second season takes place several months after the first, depicting the initial stories in, andrespectively, while continuing the future-set story-line intoand adding a fifth just click for source, set in


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