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In the early 20th century, Dresden was particularly well known for its camera works and its cigarette factories.

During World War I , the city did not suffer any war damage, but lost many of its inhabitants. Between and , Dresden was the capital of the first Free State of Saxony as well as a cultural and economic centre of the Weimar Republic.

The city was also a centre of European modern art until During the foundation of the German Empire in , a large military facility called Albertstadt was built.

The garrison saw only limited use between and , but was then reactivated in preparation for the Second World War. Its usefulness was limited by attacks on 13—15 February and 17 April , the former of which destroyed large areas of the city.

However, the garrison itself was not specifically targeted. Apart from the German army officers' school Offizierschule des Heeres , there have been no more military units in Dresden since the army merger during German reunification, and the withdrawal of Soviet forces in During the Nazi era from to , the Jewish community of Dresden was reduced from over 6, 7, people were persecuted as Jews to 41, mostly as a result of emigration, but later also deportation and murder.

Dresden in the 20th century was a major communications hub and manufacturing centre with factories and major workshops and was designated by the German military as a defensive strongpoint, with which to hinder the Soviet advance.

During the final months of the Second World War, Dresden harboured some , refugees, with a total population of 1. Dresden was attacked seven times between and , and was occupied by the Red Army after the German capitulation.

The inner city of Dresden was largely destroyed. Mostly women and children died. The destruction of Dresden allowed Hildebrand Gurlitt , a major Nazi museum director and art dealer, to hide a large collection of artwork worth over a billion dollars that had been stolen during the Nazi era, as he claimed it had been destroyed along with his house which was located in Dresden.

After the Second World War, Dresden became a major industrial centre in the German Democratic Republic former East Germany with a great deal of research infrastructure.

It was the centre of Bezirk Dresden Dresden District between and Many of the city's important historic buildings were reconstructed, including the Semper Opera House and the Zwinger Palace , although the city leaders chose to rebuild large areas of the city in a "socialist modern" style, partly for economic reasons, but also to break away from the city's past as the royal capital of Saxony and a stronghold of the German bourgeoisie.

Some of the ruins of churches, royal buildings and palaces, such as the Gothic Sophienkirche , the Alberttheater and the Wackerbarth-Palais , were razed by the Soviet and East German authorities in the s and s rather than being repaired.

Compared to West Germany , the majority of historic buildings were saved. On 3 October the so-called "battle of Dresden" , a convoy of trains carrying East German refugees from Prague passed through Dresden on its way to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Local activists and residents joined in the growing civil disobedience movement spreading across the German Democratic Republic, by staging demonstrations and demanding the removal of the democratic government.

Dresden has experienced dramatic changes since the reunification of Germany in the early s.

The city still bears many wounds from the bombing raids of , but it has undergone significant reconstruction in recent decades.

Restoration of the Dresden Frauenkirche was completed in , a year before Dresden's th anniversary, notably by privately raised funds.

The gold cross on the top of the church was funded officially by "the British people and the House of Windsor".

The urban renewal process, which includes the reconstruction of the area around the Neumarkt square on which the Frauenkirche is situated, will continue for many decades, but public and government interest remains high, and there are numerous large projects underway—both historic reconstructions and modern plans—that will continue the city's recent architectural renaissance.

Prominently, the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church, began to be rebuilt after the reunification of Germany in Both exterior and interior reconstruction were completed by Dresden remains a major cultural centre of historical memory, owing to the city's destruction in World War II.

Each year on 13 February, the anniversary of the British and American fire-bombing raid that destroyed most of the city, tens of thousands of demonstrators gather to commemorate the event.

Since reunification, the ceremony has taken on a more neutral and pacifist tone after being used more politically during the Cold War.

Beginning in , right-wing Neo-Nazi white nationalist groups have organised demonstrations in Dresden that have been among the largest of their type in the post-war history of Germany.

Each year around the anniversary of the city's destruction, people convene in the memory of those who died in the fire-bombing.

The completion of the reconstructed Dresden Frauenkirche in marked the first step in rebuilding the Neumarkt area. The areas around the square have been divided into 8 "quarters", with each being rebuilt as a separate project, the majority of buildings to be rebuilt either to the original structure or at least with a facade similar to the original.

The destruction from this "millennium flood" is no longer visible, due to the speed of reconstruction. The city council's legal moves, meant to prevent the bridge from being built, failed.

Dresden lies on both banks of the Elbe , mostly in the Dresden Basin , with the further reaches of the eastern Ore Mountains to the south, the steep slope of the Lusatian granitic crust to the north, and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to the east at an altitude of about metres feet.

Triebenberg is the highest point in Dresden at metres 1, feet. With a pleasant location and a mild climate on the Elbe, as well as Baroque-style architecture and numerous world-renowned museums and art collections, Dresden has been called "Elbflorenz" Florence of the Elbe.

The incorporation of neighbouring rural communities over the past 60 years has made Dresden the fourth largest urban district by area in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

The nearest German cities are Chemnitz 62 kilometres 39 miles [41] to the southwest, Leipzig kilometres 62 miles [42] to the northwest and Berlin kilometres miles [43] to the north.

There are four nature reserves. The protected gardens, parkways, parks and old graveyards host natural monuments in the city.

One important part of that landscape is the Elbe meadows, which cross the city in a 20 kilometre swath. Saxon Switzerland is located south-east of the city.

Like many places in the eastern parts of Germany, Dresden has an oceanic climate Köppen climate classification Cfb , with significant continental influences due to its inland location.

The summers are warm, averaging The winters are slightly colder than the German average, with a January average temperature of 0.

The microclimate in the Elbe valley differs from that on the slopes and in the higher areas, where the Dresden district Klotzsche , at metres above sea level , hosts the Dresden weather station.

Because of its location on the banks of the Elbe, into which some water sources from the Ore Mountains flow, flood protection is important.

Large areas are kept free of buildings to provide a flood plain. Two additional trenches, about 50 metres wide, have been built to keep the inner city free of water from the Elbe, by dissipating the water downstream through the inner city's gorge portion.

Flood regulation systems like detention basins and water reservoirs are almost all outside the city area. This was largely because the river returned to its former route; it had been diverted so that a railway could run along the river bed.

Many locations and areas need to be protected by walls and sheet pilings during floods. A number of districts become waterlogged if the Elbe overflows across some of its former floodplains.

Dresden under water in June Dresden is a spacious city. Its districts differ in their structure and appearance. Many parts still contain an old village core, while some quarters are almost completely preserved as rural settings.

Other characteristic kinds of urban areas are the historic outskirts of the city, and the former suburbs with scattered housing.

During the German Democratic Republic, many apartment blocks were built. The original parts of the city are almost all in the districts of Altstadt Old town and Neustadt New town.

Growing outside the city walls , the historic outskirts were built in the 18th and 19th century. They were planned and constructed on the orders of the Saxon monarchs and many of them are named after Saxon sovereigns e.

Friedrichstadt and Albertstadt. Dresden has been divided into ten districts called "Ortsamtsbereich" and nine former boroughs "Ortschaften" which have been incorporated since The population of Dresden grew to , inhabitants in , making it one of the first German cities after Hamburg and Berlin to reach that number.

The population peaked at , in , and dropped to , in because of World War II, during which large residential areas of the city were destroyed.

After large incorporations and city restoration, the population grew to , again between and Since German reunification , demographic development has been very unsteady.

The city has struggled with migration and suburbanisation. During the s the population increased to , because of several incorporations, and decreased to , in Between and , the population grew quickly by more than 45, inhabitants about 9.

Along with Munich and Potsdam , Dresden is one of the ten fastest-growing cities in Germany.

As of about Dresden is one of Germany's 16 political centres and the capital of Saxony. It has institutions of democratic local self-administration that are independent from the capital functions.

Dresden hosted some international summits in recent years, such as the Petersburg Dialogue between Russia and Germany, [53] the European Union's Minister of the Interior conference [54] and the G8 labour ministers conference.

The city council defines the basic principles of the municipality by decrees and statutes. The council gives orders to the "Bürgermeister" "Burgomaster" or Mayor by voting for resolutions and thus has some executive power.

As of [update] , the 70 seats of the city council were distributed as follows: [58]. The Supreme Burgomaster is directly elected by the citizens for a term of seven years.

Executive functions are normally elected indirectly in Germany. However, the Supreme Burgomaster shares numerous executive rights with the city council.

The main departments of the municipality are managed by seven burgomasters. As the capital of Saxony, Dresden is home to the Saxon state parliament Landtag [60] and the ministries of the Saxon Government.

The controlling Constitutional Court of Saxony is in Leipzig. Most of the Saxon state authorities are located in Dresden.

Dresden is home to the Regional Commission of the Dresden Regierungsbezirk , which is a controlling authority for the Saxon Government.

It has jurisdiction over eight rural districts , two urban districts and the city of Dresden. Like many cities in Germany, Dresden is also home to a local court, has a trade corporation and a Chamber of Industry and Trade and many subsidiaries of federal agencies such as the Federal Labour Office or the Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

Dresden is home to a military subdistrict command, but no longer has large military units as it did in the past. Dresden is the traditional location for army officer schooling in Germany, today carried out in the Offizierschule des Heeres.

Local affairs in Dresden often centre around the urban development of the city and its spaces.

Architecture and the design of public places is a controversial subject. The city held a public referendum in on whether to build the bridge, prior to UNESCO expressing doubts about the compatibility between bridge and heritage.

Its construction caused loss of World Heritage site status in The city received Opponents of the sale were concerned about Dresden's loss of control over the subsidized housing market.

Dresden has been the center of groups and activities of far-right movements. Politicians and politics of Alternative for Germany AfD have a strong backing.

As the number of demonstrators increased to 15, in December , so has the international media coverage of it. In , the Dresden City Council passed a policy statement against "anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, misanthropic and right-wing-extremist developments".

Among other things, the statement calls on strengthening democracy, protecting human rights and raising spending on political education.

Dresden and Coventry became twins after the Second World War in an act of reconciliation , as both had suffered near-total destruction from massive aerial bombing.

The Coventry Blitz and Rotterdam Blitz bombardments by the German Luftwaffe are also considered to be disproportional. Dresden has had a triangular partnership with Saint Petersburg and Hamburg since Dresden has 13 twin cities : [72].

Although Dresden is often said to be a Baroque city, its architecture is influenced by more than one style. Other eras of importance are the Renaissance and Historicism , as well as the contemporary styles of Modernism and Postmodernism.

The Dresden Castle was the seat of the royal household from The wings of the building have been renewed, built upon and restored many times.

Due to this integration of styles, the castle is made up of elements of the Renaissance , Baroque and Classicist styles. The Zwinger Palace is across the road from the castle.

It was built on the old stronghold of the city and was converted to a centre for the royal art collections and a place to hold festivals.

Its gate by the moat is surmounted by a golden crown. The Hofkirche was the church of the royal household. At that time Dresden was strictly Protestant.

Augustus the Strong ordered the building of the Hofkirche, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, to establish a sign of Roman Catholic religious importance in Dresden.

The church is the cathedral "Sanctissimae Trinitatis" since The crypt of the Wettin Dynasty is located within the church.

In contrast to the Hofkirche, the Lutheran Frauenkirche located at the Neumarkt was built almost contemporaneously by the citizens of Dresden.

The city's historic Kreuzkirche was reconsecrated in There are also other churches in Dresden, for example the Russian Orthodox St.

Simeon of the Wonderful Mountain Church in the Südvorstadt district. Historicist buildings made their presence felt on the cityscape until the s.

Yenidze is a former cigarette factory building built in the style of a mosque between and The most recent historicist buildings in Dresden date from the short era of Stalinist architecture in the s, e.

The Garden City of Hellerau , at that time a suburb of Dresden, was founded in It was Germany's first garden city.

Until the outbreak of World War I, Hellerau was a centre for European modernism with international standing.

Today, the Hellerau reform architecture is recognized as exemplary. In the s, the garden city of Hellerau became a conservation area.

The German Hygiene Museum built is a signal example of modern architecture in Dresden in the interwar period. Important modernist buildings erected between and are the Centrum-Warenhaus a large department store , representing the international Style , and the multi-purpose hall Kulturpalast.

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